Ozark has a plethora of interesting characters, including Marty Byrde, Wendy Byrde, Ruth Langmore, and the rest of the crew. There are a lot of interesting characters who appear and disappear from the show for a season or two at a time, in addition to the series’ stalwarts. Ben Davis, Wendy’s brother, was one of those for the third season. When Ben showed up at his sister’s house to visit, he quickly became a key player in the show’s ongoing moral debate, played by actor Tom Pelphrey.

The character of Ben, played by Pelphrey, does not appear again in Ozark in Season 4. Let us know if you have any questions, and we’ll try our best to answer them for you. Just keep scrolling down and you’ll see what I mean.

Tom Pelphrey Ozark Character

Pelphrey has been on a roll lately, thanks in part to his starring role on Ozark. He had a prominent role in David Fincher’s Mank last year and has appeared in Marvel’s Iron Fist as well. Along with Josh Brolin and Elizabeth Olsen and Jesse Plemons, he will be seen in the Amazon Prime Video series “Open Range,” as well as the film “Love and Death,” and he will play the lead role in the upcoming television series “American Murderer.”

He’s been a fascinating actor for some time now. You might remember him from prior projects he’s worked on before playing Ben Davis. A look at his career so far.

Who was Ben Davis on Ozark again?

For those who haven’t seen Ozark Season 3, here are spoilers:

Ozark’s Ben Davis, played by Pelphrey, was introduced in Season 3 as a new character. He appears as a substitute teacher who gets into an altercation and is then swiftly fired. Ben is both mentally ill (he takes medicine for his bipolar disease) and the brother of Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney), who lives in the Ozarks with her family.

Tom Pelphrey Ozark Character

To get to that point, Ben embarks on an adventure. A kind guy at heart, Ben has an especially close relationship with Jonah Byrde. Soon after meeting Ruth Langmore (Julia Garner), he has an affair with her, but when one of the negative effects of his medication prevents him from performing sexually with Ruth, he chooses to stop taking it.

He does the right thing all the time but doesn’t take into account the consequences; Ben is consistent, but he doesn’t take into account his actions’ long-term consequences. In front of her daughter, he reveals what Helen Pierce, the hazardous lawyer for the Navarro cartel, does for a living, and he makes a mess of the entire criminal enterprise.

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How did Ben die on Ozark?

A hitman for an international drug cartel is seen entering a nearby diner as Wendy leaves Ben at the diner and heads back to her car. We witness Marty burying his body in a crematorium in the upcoming episode. Tributes to Ben, who was too pure for this world to bear. It was Pelphrey’s performance that stood out the most.

Tom Pelphrey Ozark Character

It’s possible, though unlikely, that Ben is still alive and well. Some others believe Ben was never really slain and that a different body is being used in his place to appease the cartel. Despite the fact that we saw Marty’s ashes at the crematorium and the aftermath, we never truly saw Ben die. Maybe he’s still out there! Probably not, but just in case Ozark decides to go full Soap Opera, keep this in mind.

Tom Pelphrey played a Marvel Villain.

Iron Fist is widely acknowledged to be the weakest of the Netflix Marvel Universe shows, although Pelphrey’s character, Ward Meachem, was one of the few redeeming elements. It’s easy to picture Ben Mendelsohn in The Dark Knight Rises or Robert Redford in Captain America: The Winter Soldier in Pelphrey’s portrayal of him as a buttoned-up corporate villain.

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Fans say it’s “outrageous” and “pathetic” that Tom didn’t get an Emmy nomination.

Ozark supporters took to Twitter in July 2020 to express their displeasure at the show’s Emmy nominations not including a nod for Tom. However, he was nominated for a Screen Actors Guild Award along with his Netflix co-stars.

Tom Pelphrey’s portrayal of Ben in Ozark’s third season as a man with mental illness was “one of the truest portrayals of mental illness in television,” one admirer tweeted.

To paraphrase a commenter on Twitter, “The fact that Tom Pelphrey didn’t even get nominated for an Emmy for his work as Ben Davis indicates those awards don’t mean s—t.”

It was a third user’s turn. Snubbing Ozark actor Tom Pelphrey is “a national scandal.”

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