In the latest episode of The Bachelor, Joey and the remaining contestants embark on a romantic journey through Montreal, Canada. As the group dwindles to ten women, Joey grapples with a crisis of confidence and the fear of falling for multiple contestants. The episode unfolds with a mix of one-on-one dates, a revealing group date, and unexpected twists that leave Joey questioning the success of his quest for love.

Joey’s Inner Struggle

The episode kicks off with Joey and Maria in Montreal, engaging in a French-speaking date. Despite the picturesque setting, Joey reveals an internal struggle. Down to 10 women, his growing feelings for multiple contestants create a crisis of confidence. He fears that holding back and imperfections might jeopardize the success of his Bachelor journey, setting a vulnerable tone for the unfolding events.

the bachelor season 28 episode 6 recap

Group Date Scavenger Hunt: Jesse Palmer guides the women on a group date, exploring Montreal’s charms. The scavenger hunt includes visits to Jesse’s favorite restaurant, street hockey, and dancing to accordion music. The atmosphere turns tense as contestants sense the deepening connections Joey is forming with others, leading to emotional complexities.

One-on-One Dates: Kelsey T. enjoys a Cirque du Soleil performance and opens up about her strained relationship with her father. Lexi’s nightlife date exposes insecurities and differences in future goals. Individual connections deepen, but emotional hurdles become apparent, leading to a heartfelt departure later in the episode.

Emotional Revelations and Departures

During the group date, Joey shares his insecurities with the women, prompting an emotional response. Lexi’s realization of divergent future plans prompts a challenging conversation, and later, Joey bids farewell to Jess. Kelsey T.’s circus-themed date results in a rose, while Maria’s romantic outing solidifies her connection with Joey.

the bachelor season 28 episode 6 recap

Lexi’s Heartfelt Exit: In a surprising turn, Lexi decides to self-eliminate, citing her need for a timeline aligning with her struggles with endometriosis. The emotional departure leaves Joey and the contestants in shock, emphasizing the complexities of balancing personal priorities in a dating competition.

Rose Ceremony Shake-up: Joey, still reeling from Lexi’s exit, proceeds with the rose ceremony. After an emotional goodbye to Lexi, he hands out roses to Ashley S., Briana, Gabriela, Isabel, Jasmine, Kelsey T., and Olivia. The reshuffled lineup underscores the evolving dynamics and intensifying emotions within the group.

The Bachelor’s Teasers for the Future

As the episode concludes, a teaser for the next week hints at continued drama in Canada’s alpine town of Jasper.

the bachelor season 28 episode 6 recap

Motorcycle rides, a polar plunge, and horseback riding promise adventurous dates. Joey anticipates that the upcoming week will bring emotional challenges, foreshadowing potential heartbreaks and revelations.

Where To Watch The Bachelor Season 28

Here are some options for where you can watch The Bachelor Season 28:

Live TV:

ABC: If you have a cable or satellite TV subscription that includes ABC, you can watch The Bachelor live on Mondays at 8:00 PM ET/PT.

the bachelor season 28 episode 6 recap

Streaming Services:

Hulu with Live TV: This subscription service includes ABC, so you can watch The Bachelor live or on-demand. It starts at $76.99 per month.


The Bachelor Season 28, Episode 6 unfolds with a mix of romantic escapades, emotional confrontations, and unexpected exits in the charming backdrop of Montreal. Joey’s internal struggles add layers to the unfolding drama, leaving viewers eager to witness the twists and turns in the journey for love.

As the group heads to Jasper, the stage is set for more revelations, challenges, and heartfelt moments in the pursuit of lasting connections. Tune in next week to witness the continuing adventures of Joey and the remaining contestants.

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