Before Jordan Peterson, a controversial psychologist came out and said the singer and model were “not beautiful,” the 25-year-old made some comments.

“Sorry. It’s a disgrace. Because of this, the “12 Rules For Life” author, along with a picture of Nu’s SI cover, tweeted on Monday: “And no amount of authoritarian tolerance will change that.”

sports illustrated cover controversy

Peterson’s remarks elicited a wide range of responses.

“I’m sorry,” said one person. Worst idea. That isn’t going to change no matter how much authoritarian pseudo-babble is spouted.

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“Professor of Piffle Jordan Peterson is the stupid people’s smart person,'” he writes. That Yumi is tasty.

sports illustrated cover controversy

‘Why do men feel it’s their duty to publicly pronounce their view on the attractiveness of women?’ another person asked. It’s your problem, not mine.

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In an essay accompanying her cover, Yumi addressed the criticism she had received about her role in the fashion industry.

sports illustrated cover controversy

“Even here in the United States, where a lot of the fashion industry has become more inclusive toward people with bodies like mine in the last few years, some people — for example, designers at certain high-fashion houses and dumb, angry guys on the internet, among others — just haven’t quite figured out yet that people who look like me belong,” she wrote in an email.

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Peterson, 60, announced that he was “departing Twitter” shortly after his controversial tweet.

According to the psychologist, “the endless flood of vicious insult is really not something that can be experienced anywhere else.

The platform’s incentive structure, in my opinion, makes it dangerously and intrinsically insane, even though I enjoy following people I know.

Nu is a musician and model who, along with Kim Kardashian, was chosen to appear on the Sports Illustrated cover in 2022.

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