The highly anticipated television series Sort of is returning with its third season, bringing back the intriguing storylines and captivating characters that have garnered a loyal fanbase.

Sort of

In this article, we will delve into the release date of Sort of Season 3, as well as other relevant details that fans need to know. Let’s explore what to expect from this upcoming season.

Overview of Sort of

Sort Of is a critically acclaimed Canadian TV series that revolves around the life of a genderqueer millennial named Sabrina. “Sort of” first premiered to critical acclaim, captivating audiences with its unique blend of humor, drama, and genuine human experiences.

Overview of Sort of

The show follows the life of Sabiha, a young genderqueer Arab Canadian navigating the complexities of identity, relationships, and self-discovery. With its authentic representation and heartfelt storytelling, the series has struck a chord with viewers from diverse backgrounds.

Sort of Season 3 Release Date

The debut season of “Sort of” premiered on November 9, 2021, and wrapped up on November 30, 2021, spanning eight episodes. Following its success, the second season aired from November 15, 2022, to December 6, 2022. Both seasons garnered acclaim from critics, leading to the show’s renewal for a third season.

Sort of Season 3 Release Date

Excitingly, the upcoming season is set to premiere on December 5, 2023. Given the positive reception of its predecessors, anticipation is high for the third season to continue the streak of well-received storytelling and engaging characters.

Production Updates

While the release date remains undisclosed, there have been some promising updates regarding the production of Sort of Season 3.

The cast and crew have expressed their enthusiasm for continuing Sabrina’s story, and they have been working diligently to bring this new season to life.

Plot and Storylines

Sabi, a non-binary individual, concealed their true identity from their conservative Pakistani parents, enduring years of internal struggle. However, fate took a turn when Sabi immigrated to a new land and found solace in a themed café that embraced diversity and acceptance.

Plot and Storylines

Here, Sabi could finally be themselves, surrounded by a community that understood and celebrated individuality. Alongside this, Sabi’s job as a babysitter for affluent families provided insights into contrasting lives and values.

Amid the backdrop of cultural clashes, Sabi grapples with the conflict between their free-spirited self and the stifling grip of tradition. The weight of societal expectations presses upon them, leaving them feeling inadequate and disconnected from their Pakistani roots, which seem incompatible with the evolving liberal world. Sabi’s internal struggle to reconcile their identity with their cultural background forms a central theme.

Plot and Storylines

Paul, Sabi’s boss at the café and a therapist, presents a parallel narrative. Despite his professional expertise, Paul is oblivious to the fractures within his own family. His neglect extends to both his children and himself, while his wife battles inner turmoil. Their daughter Bessie embarks on a journey of rebellion, reflecting the generational divide, while the younger siblings turn to technology for solace, a portrayal of contemporary societal dynamics.

As the story unfolds, Sabi’s interactions with Paul and his family intertwine their narratives, revealing shared threads of alienation, familial discord, and the pursuit of self-acceptance. Sabi finds an unlikely mentor in Paul, who, despite his therapeutic role, grapples with his own struggles in maintaining familial harmony.

Against a backdrop of evolving family dynamics, cultural tensions, and generational shifts, Sabi’s journey of self-discovery takes center stage. Their quest to harmonize their true self with their heritage and aspirations forms the emotional core of the narrative. The story poignantly explores the complexities of identity, family, and societal expectations in a changing world.

Returning and New Cast Members

Fans can look forward to the return of the talented cast members who have brought the characters of Sort of to life. The ensemble cast of “Sort of” comprises talented actors who breathe life into the show’s diverse characters. Bilal Baig portrays Sabi Mehboob, the central character navigating the complexities of identity. Gray Powell plays Paul Bauer, a multi-dimensional character balancing his roles as café owner and therapist.

Returning and New Cast Members

Kaya Kanashiro and Aden Bedard bring Violet and Henry Kaneko-Bauer, Paul’s children, to life. Amanda Cordner takes on the role of 7ven, while Grace Lynn Kung portrays the rebellious Bessy Kaneko. Ellora Patnaik embodies Raffo Mehboob, Sabi’s family member.

Supinder Wraich portrays Aqsa Mehboob, reflecting familial dynamics. Gregory Ambrose Calderone takes on the role of Lewis. The supporting cast, including Becca Blackwell, Alanna Bale, and Cassandra James, further enriches the intricate tapestry of the show’s storytelling.

Critical and Audience Reception

Sort of has received widespread critical acclaim for its honest and nuanced portrayal of gender identity, relationships, and intersectional experiences.

On top of critical recognition, the audience has embraced the show for its relatability and compelling characters. With its captivating storytelling and emotional depth, Sort Of has garnered a loyal and dedicated fanbase eagerly awaiting the next season.

Sort Of Season 3 Trailer

Regrettably, there is currently no trailer accessible for the third season’s installment of “Sort Of,” as the show’s creators have recently confirmed its renewal. While awaiting its release, you can anticipate glimpsing into the show by viewing the trailer for the second season, providing a sneak peek into what lies ahead.


Although the official release date for Sort of Season 3 is yet to be announced, fans can rest assured that the production team is actively working on bringing this highly anticipated season to screens soon.

As viewers eagerly anticipate the continuation of Sabrina’s story, they can expect another season filled with profound storytelling, intricate character development, and insightful exploration of genderqueer experiences. Keep an eye out for updates from the show’s creators and network for the latest news on Sort of Season 3. Stay tuned!

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