Ryan Grantham, a Riverdale actor, was given a life sentence for killing his mother.

For 14 years, he won’t be eligible for parole. Ryan Grantham, a former child star, was given a life sentence for murdering his mother in 2020.

The British Columbia Supreme Court in Vancouver on Tuesday sentenced the 24-year-old Riverdale and Diary of a Wimpy Kid actor to life in prison. He won’t be eligible for parole for 14 years, according to the CBC.

Given that Grantham had admitted to second-degree murder, which in Canada carries an automatic life term, his punishment was predictable. The length of time he would have to wait before submitting a parole application was unknown.

Riverdale Actor, Ryan Grantham, Convicted of Life Sentence for His Mother's Murder

In a June hearing, prosecutors claimed that on March 31, 2020, Grantham shot his mother, Barbara Waite, 64, in the back of the head as she practiced the piano. According to reports, Grantham practiced the murder and recorded the proceedings on film, including the part where he confessed and displayed his mother’s body.

The following day, Grantham allegedly loaded his car with three firearms, ammo, 12 Molotov cocktails, camping gear, and directions to the residence of Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada, with the purpose to kill him. Instead, he turned himself into Vancouver police.

According to CBC, Justice Kathleen Ker viewed Grantham’s decision to forgo a killing spree as a “saving grace” at this week’s sentencing. As seen by victim impact statements from the actor’s sister, she too mentioned the “life-shattering” effects of the incident.

Psychiatric reports revealed Grantham was experiencing a “severe period of clinical despair” prior to the murder and had “urges to conduct violence and kill himself,” according to a CBC story from June.

To prevent his mother from witnessing the brutality he intended to perform, Grantham apparently made the decision to kill his mother, who was suffering from cancer at the time.

Riverdale Actor, Ryan Grantham, Convicted of Life Sentence for His Mother's Murder

The actor’s mental health issues, according to Ker, were a mitigating factor in the murder, she said on Tuesday. Grantham is currently receiving psychological assistance in prison, she adds.

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