Netflix’s adrenaline-pumping survival competition, Physical: 100, has carved its niche among fans of reality shows like Survivor and Squid Game. With its unique blend of intense challenges and a star-studded cast, the Korean reality series has become a global sensation, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats.

As the first season concluded with a dramatic finale, the announcement of Physical: 100 Season 2 – Underground has sparked excitement and anticipation.

Overview of Physical 100

“Physical 100” made its debut as a unique reality TV series that explores the limits of human strength and endurance. The show assembles a group of 100 exceptionally fit individuals from South Korea, subjecting them to a battery of physical challenges. Unlike scripted reality shows, “Physical 100” relies solely on the contestants’ performance, creating a compelling narrative around their pursuit of victory.

physical 100 season 2 release date

Season 1 featured intense competitions that showcased the contestants’ physical prowess and mental toughness. With each episode, viewers were treated to action-packed challenges that pushed the boundaries of human capability, all while highlighting the importance of discipline and dedication in achieving fitness goals.

Renewal Confirmation and Creator’s Vision

In a resounding answer to fans’ fervent calls, Netflix officially renewed Physical: 100 for a second season, as announced in June 2023. Creator Jang Ho-gi expressed gratitude for the global love and outlined ambitious plans for the upcoming season, promising that it would “surpass its predecessor in every aspect.” The essence of the show, the pursuit of the perfect physique, would remain intact while introducing fresh elements to elevate the viewing experience.

physical 100 season 2 release date

The expansion of the show’s epic set is one such innovation. The already impressive two-soccer-field-sized set, featuring arenas ranging from sand wrestling pits to 2-ton shipwrecks, will undergo a significant enlargement. The objective is to create an even larger universe, challenging participants in new and exhilarating ways, as confirmed by Netflix.

Season 1’s Success and Renewal

The decision to renew Physical: 100 for a second season was a no-brainer, given the staggering success of the first season.

physical 100 season 2 release date

Making history as the first unscripted show to claim the top spot on Netflix’s Non-English TV list, it has maintained a steady presence in the Top 10. The renewal was not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when,’ considering its unparalleled ratings, surpassing even popular Korean dating shows.

Season 2 Premiere and Elevated Challenges

Mark your calendars for March 19, 2024, as Physical: 100 Season 2 – Underground is set to make its highly anticipated debut.

physical 100 season 2 release date

With a new subtitle indicating the underground setting, the stakes are promised to be higher, challenges harder, and the arena more extensive than ever before. The mine setting adds an intriguing dimension, hinting at even more thrilling and dynamic challenges that will push contestants to their limits.

Unveiling the Contestants

While the entire cast for Physical: 100 Season 2 remains shrouded in secrecy, Netflix tantalizingly revealed a few renowned athletes who are ready to take on the competition.

physical 100 season 2 release date

UFC fighter Kim Dong-hyun, judo gold medalist Lee Won-hee, and wrestling gold medalist Anthony Jung are among the new additions. The diverse cast will also feature individuals from various professions, including FBI diplomats, actors, singers, police officers, and military personnel, ensuring a well-rounded and competitive lineup.


As fans eagerly await the return of Physical: 100 with its second season, the promise of a larger-than-life competition, fresh challenges, and an expanded cast only heightens the anticipation.

With the success of Season 1 setting the stage, Physical: 100 Season 2 – Underground is poised to redefine the standards of reality competition shows, leaving viewers worldwide eagerly counting down the days until its release.

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