Despite her extended tenure on Live with Kelly and Ripa, there has been speculation over whether or not Ripa will continue acting on the show.

There seems to have been a spate of farewells from talk show hosts as of late. Fans of departing hosts, from Ellen DeGeneres to James Corden, have expressed disappointment.

In this context, many people have been wondering whether or not Kelly Ripa will be the next to quit her post.

Why Doesn’t Kelly Ripa Stay on Air?

Is Kelly Ripa Leaving The Show? When Did She Join Live?

To everyone’s relief, Kelly won’t be departing Live with Kelly and Ryan in 2022. The actress had stepped away from the series to spend time with her loved ones during the hiatus.

Now that she’s back, Kelly’s loving her time back on Live with Kelly and Ryan.

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When Exactly Did She Start Working in A Live Setting?

Kelly has been a regular on Live with Kelly and Ryan for a long time, well over a decade. She’s been the show’s host since 2021, and she’s been doing a fantastic job of keeping the audience engaged ever since.

This program had previously been hosted by Kathie Lee Gifford. Kelly talked to Variety about her decision to replace the previous host. She stated she worried for a while that she couldn’t possibly live up to his reputation. But as the episodes progressed, she realized that she actually enjoyed performing.

Kelly stated in the same interview that the show’s format is what has made it so popular. Kelly believes that the show’s longevity can be attributed to the popularity of episodes like the one that is 20 minutes long and consists of two people having a casual conversation.

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If the Actor Wanted to Leave the Show, Had She Ever Considered Doing So?

Is Kelly Ripa Leaving The Show? When Did She Join Live?

Even though Kelly has had a great time hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan for almost a decade, the actress has considered leaving the show on more than one occasion.

Kelly stated on an episode of Bethenny Frankel’s weekly podcast Just B that she had considered quitting permanently because she isn’t a fan of being on camera.

Many people may be taken aback by this news, considering Kelly’s long history in show business. The actress, however, has come clean about her aversion to the spotlight and preference for the solitary pursuits of life. Kelly, thankfully, doesn’t appear to be up to anything

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