You know what this means: it’s Wednesday. We’re back for more rounds of Heardle, the music-guessing game that has captivated millions of people so far this year.

However, if you’re having trouble identifying today’s tune, I’ll be providing you with some hints and the solution in a moment.

Learn the ropes of Heardle by reading this! A short clip of a fairly well-known song will play. Next, you’ll either take a stab at identifying the performer and song title, or you can opt-out.

A small portion of the music can be heard again if you skip or make a wrong guess. After the sixth and final guess, you’ll hear the full 16 seconds of the song.

Clues for Today’s Heardle Answer

Heardle 17 August 2022

Perhaps you don’t need the full solution but rather just a few pointers to help you across the finish line:

  • An element of chemistry inspired the title of this tune.
  • Released in 1991, this song is a classic.
  • The name of the artist is also a metaphor for a transcendental condition free of pain.
  • This song was recorded for a follow-up studio album.
  • In doubt even now? For the solution, keep reading.

The Heardle Answer for Song 174 on 17th August 2022

Heardle 17 August 2022

If you are still unsure and wish to maintain your unbeaten record, consider the aforementioned.

Lithium by Nirvana, from their second album Nevermind, is today’s Heardle answer.

Don’t give the game away now that you know the solution. Keep in mind that a grid is a great way to convey your data without worrying about spoilers for others.

Of course, nobody needs to know that you visited this page in order to figure it out. I would suggest throwing in a few bogus suggestions to throw them off.

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