After posing nude on a centuries-old sacred tree in Bali, Indonesia, a Russian Instagram model named Alina Fazleeva has been obliged to apologize with her husband.

According to NDTV, the content producer had earlier posted a photo of herself nude while draped over a tree at a temple in the Tabanan area to her social media site, where it was seen by thousands of her followers.

Learn the real story behind the tourist’s public apologies and dive further into the Russian couple’s life as revealed through their social media accounts.

Alina Fazleeva Infuriates Bali Locals After Posing Naked on Sacred Tree

Alina Fazleeva, a Russian influencer, and her husband Andrey Fazleev were in attendance at a press conference in Denpasar, on the Indonesian island of Bali, on May 6th, 2022.

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The pair “staged a nude photograph on a sacred tree in violation of local customs,” according to NDTV reporting, and now they risk expulsion from Bali.


According to Mail Online, in 2019, Alina Fazleeva stripped down and struck a series of positions while standing atop a centuries-old tree on the Babakan temple grounds in Tabanan regency.

Her husband took the photo and posted it on Instagram, where it quickly went viral and angered the local community because in Balinese Hinduism, mountains, trees, and other natural features are revered as sacred sites since they are believed to be the dwelling places of the gods.

Jamaruli Manihuruk, head of immigration for Bali, told reporters, “Both of them are shown to have taken out acts that jeopardize public order and do not respect the local customs.” The chief came to the conclusion that “they will be sanctioned with deportation.”

According to NDTV, the couple had to take part in a purification ceremony at the sacred place to appease local beliefs before being prohibited from entering Indonesia for at least six months.

IG Model Apologises for Making a “BIG Mistake

With more than 900 posts and over 18k followers, @alina yogi is now a private account.

According to NDTV, Alina Fazleeva issued an apology on Instagram, writing that she “made a major error” and publishing it in English and Bahasa Indonesia.

The Russian woman said, “There are a lot of religious spots in Bali, and not all of them have information signs about it, as was the case with me.”

The social media representative then reemphasized, “it is really important to treat these locations and traditions with respect.” According to Mail Online, Fazleeva also went to the same tree “to plead for forgiveness” while fully clothed.


Alina Fazleeva is rumored to have reached out to Niluh Djelantik, the local resident who filed a police report against her, in an attempt to make amends. The local acknowledged her apology but apparently said that further inquiry was necessary.

More About the Russian Tourist’s Husband

Andrey Fazleev, the influencer’s husband, has over 2,000 Instagram followers and is considered an entrepreneur by the platform.

The Russian translation of @andrew fazleev’s bio boasts that as the founder of Art Planet and Art Friday, he has “organized more than 100 events and vacations.”

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On Facebook, Andrey Fazleev lists his occupation as “musician” and says he performs with the bands AtmanLove and Turkish Sound.

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