The third episode of House of the Dragon, which features a two-year time leap, has just descended, possibly more elegantly than Daemon Targaryen’s dragon did.

While we lay the stage for “Second Of His Name,” the third episode’s main storyline, we’ll let your brain process that information. We begin on the Stepstones, which has blazing fires, loud explosions, and numerous close-up images of crabs gorging on human flesh, looking very post-apocalyptic chic.

Everything about it is horrifying, brutal, and Game of Thrones-like. King Viserys celebrates his son’s second birthday by drinking too much wine and debating whether or not to crown his daughter as his successor while Daemon and Corlys Velaryon wage their unofficial war on the Crabfeeder.

After this week’s show, this is where everyone stands in the ever-changing line of succession.


Daemon Targaryen

house of the dragon pretenders

Unpopular opinion: Daemon Targaryen is unquestionably a Leo. In the most recent House of the Dragons episode, the startling drama queen of Westeros pulls the same old prank on him.

Daemon joins Corliss in his Velarion out of desperation to win his brother’s approval and goes to battle against Crab Feeders without the King’s consent. Strangely, things aren’t going well despite the fact that he has a fully grown dragon who enjoys landing on the very item he’s attempting to save.

However, when he chooses to send a ship as an “I’m sorry,” the Daemon loses to the poor messenger and martyrs himself for a shot at fame. He does this because he is such a trifling. Instead of demonstrating his lethalness on the battlefield, he gets it in a thrilling slow-motion action scene.

But once more, Daemons are irrational, erratic, and prone to violent outbursts. The traits of a ruler that the rest of the realm can respect are entirely different from this.

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Rhaenyra Targaryen

house of the dragon pretenders

Rhaenyra(Mily Alcock) is solidly in her adolescent emo phase. She relies on family dinners so she may read her books while listening to her rendition of My Chemical Romance: Medieval Fantasy while sitting under her favorite tree. (Side note: Do you believe she’s had that poor bard that many times?)

On the one hand, we feel for her. The grief of witnessing her best friend remarry her father, take the place of her deceased mother, and witness a male heir who could rob her jump out had supposedly subsided after two years. It’s not boring. However, gather yourself, girl.

For the majority of this episode, Rhaenyra mopes around, complains, and allows her ex-best buddy to rule instead of her (metaphor, of course. generally). She eventually mustered some courage after being assaulted by a boar in her King’s Forest and used her monster as an emotional support pincushion for herself, but the Crown. It doesn’t necessarily follow that you will govern just because the fabled white stag decided you earned it, honey.

King Viserys Targaryen

house of the dragon pretenders

Viserys keeps demonstrating that the Y chromosome and genetics were not created by wise and wise monarchs. In this episode, he commits a lot of sins. In the past two years of his life, he has permitted the altercation at Stepstones to get worse and worse.

He did not attempt to make atonement for his daughter’s marriage to his closest friend and allowed hostility to grow within his own home. He wastes white girls, complains about how difficult it was to be a medieval girl’s father in front of a garbage fire, and actually rolls out the red carpet for the enemy to steal his crown because he is too preoccupied to consider more contentious issues than what kind of pig to roast on his son’s name day. I hope Can he please pass away already?

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Alicent Hightower

house of the dragon contenders

It’s simple to despise Alicent Hightower. She has assumed the role of the King’s deceased wife after spending some time cuddling with him. Yes, especially when she tries to mend fences with her stepdaughter, who is technically her subject, and her ex-best friend.

Alicent exudes confidence that House Targaryen may reunite as a single, contented family once more. And she is in some respects. She is a result of her father and uncle’s political schemes, but she also values the authority that comes with being queen and dreams of the day when her own son will accept Viserys’ sober confession made beside a bonfire.

She might easily consider betraying Rhaenyra in order to gain the crown. Alicent Hightower, who now goes by Regina George, lives in Westeros. Stats put her in the burn book.

Aegon Targaryen

It upsets me that she’s not cute, even though I know there’s a strong chance a young angel like this one with blonde hair may grow up to usurp her sister’s crown. See, kids don’t do well in Westeros normally, which is why King’s Landing is giving this boy such a big ceremony on his second birthday.

Spending days in a tent? He can’t recall these details! Aegon may be more preoccupied with getting his footing than hatching a plan to occupy the Iron Throne, but he won’t. His grandfather is taking care of the grubby chores, so there’s no need for him too. Nothing, not even a king who wets the bed every night if he was born with a penis, or power-hungry relatives. It demonstrates your capability.

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Otto Hightower

house of the dragon contenders

In this episode, Rhys Ifans gives it his all as the white Jafar, working the system to bring his grandson nearer to the Iron Throne. He tries to pawn Rhaenyra first into Jason Lannister and then into her own brother, showing that he has a black hole where his moral core ought to be.

Given that he has sold her daughter to his closest ally, the King, like a prized cow, it shouldn’t be shocking how far Otto Hightower would go to increase his power. As well, Rhaenyra We start to worry about our birthright as a result. He definitely beats her in terms of her ability to act cruelly in order to get greater power.

Corlys Velaryon

house of the dragon contenders

I apologize for leaving out Corlys Velaryon’s other offspring. Unaware that he was watching the Name Day tournament and acting as plot filler, Laenor watched as his miserable sister was sold at auction as a royal child bride. attained. He’s probably in his teens right now.

He is prepared with his own dragon and a drive to succeed in the War of Stephis Stones. He did, and he swooped in just in time to rescue the Daemon Targaryen behind, but it wasn’t just his bravery that caused him to bypass the previous generation.

Reynor is the perfect match for Raenira because he is a Valyrian and extraordinarily wealthy; at the episode’s conclusion, the king seems to have decided as much. By uniting the two Houses, the Princess’ claim to the throne is strengthened, and the relationships between the most influential families in the Realms are restored.

If Viserys can convince her stubborn daughter that her plan to wed Laenor was entirely her own, she may have the next king’s consort in her sights. Hmm.

Despite the fact that King Viserys technically avoided cutting himself with a sword in this episode — an amazing achievement given how wasted he was at his son’s birthday party – I managed to notice something strange going on with his left hand, the one that knocked a few episodes earlier. He appears to be missing two fingers at the moment. This can indicate the spread of corruption. Not at all foreboding.

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