The much-awaited third season of Hotel Portofino will premiere on October 15, 2024. Mark the date in your calendars and get ready to travel back in time to the enchanted realm of 1920s Italy, where the pursuit of happiness, treachery, and love all converge against the turbulent political environment.

Hotel Portofino

Hotel Portofino Season 2 Recap

The glittering facade of Hotel Portofino masked the tumult swirling within. Bella, a beacon of success, navigated the business’s flourishing status while concealing the tempest of emotions raging within her. Her heart, a tangled knot between the steadfast Marco and the magnetic pull she felt towards Cecil, the man who once offered stability now stood as a perilous gamble threatening the very essence of the hotel.

Hotel Portofino Season 2 Recap

Constance, the epitome of elegance on-screen, found herself entangled in a real-life role far more complex than any script. Balancing the dazzling allure of Hollywood with the quiet demands of motherhood tore at her soul. Lucian’s departure left a void that neither fame nor fortune could fill.

Rose’s marriage, a facade of marital bliss, crumbled beneath the weight of her husband’s suffocating control. Seeking solace elsewhere led to a cascade of complications, challenging her resolve and integrity.

Gianluca, torn between filial loyalty and the intoxicating draw towards Bella, found his efforts to prove himself to his father perpetually thwarted. His heart danced on the edge of a knife, risking everything for a forbidden love.

Hotel Portofino Season 2 Recap

Nish’s struggle in a foreign land mirrored the ache of displacement and longing. His heart pulled towards Alice, but societal divides created an impassable gulf.

Amidst secrets unveiled and bonds tested, Hotel Portofino stood as a witness to the intertwined lives of its inhabitants. Season 2 wove a tapestry of love’s allure, loss’s sting, and the intricate dance of family ties against a backdrop of turbulent passions.

The Cast of Hotel Portofino Season 3

For yet another season of enthralling performances, the adored Hotel Portofino cast returns. Once more leading the charge will be Natascha McElhone as independent and self-assured Bella Ainsworth, who runs the hotel with poise and purpose.

The Cast of Hotel Portofino Season 3

Bella’s estranged husband Cecil Ainsworth, whose aristocratic upbringing and dubious activities lend a depth of complexity to the story, will be played by Mark Umbers in a role he will reprise. Lily Fraser will make a comeback as the mysterious and alluring Claudine Pascal, a former singer turned movie star who infuses the hotel’s clients with a hint of intrigue and glitz.

Plot of Hotel Portofino Season 3

Hotel Portofino’s third season is expected to be an emotional roller coaster as Bella and Cecil work through the challenges of their relationship against the backdrop of an evolving Italy.

Plot of Hotel Portofino Season 3

A shadow is cast over the picturesque scene by the emergence of fascism, as political unrest threatens to upend the peaceful lives of hotel visitors and employees. Meanwhile, Cecil struggles with the weight of his family’s heritage and the impending danger of financial disaster, while Bella embarks on a journey of self-discovery thanks to her newfound independence and entrepreneurial energy.

Where Can I Watch Season 3 of Hotel Portofino?

PBS Masterpiece in the US and the ITVX platform in the UK will both provide Hotel Portofino Season 3 for streaming. International viewers can verify the availability of their local streaming services.


The third season of Hotel Portofino promises to be an engrossing and fascinating trip into the heart of Italy in the 1920s. The show promises to provide an intriguing and entertaining season with its compelling characters, complex storyline, and breathtaking setting. As we begin this exciting new chapter, get ready to be enchanted by Hotel Portofino’s charm and attractiveness.

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