As a result of John Carpenter’s 1978 original, the Halloween series has remained one of the most enduring in the horror genre.

While there have been a number of fictitious endings, David Gordon Green’s trilogy-capper Halloween Ends is said to be the final chapter in the drama.

To a large extent, this seems to be Green’s intention, as everyone from Jamie Lee Curtis to Nick Castle to even Green himself has begun to ease spectators into the idea that Halloween Ends is going to have a wacky twist conclusion.

After Jamie Lee Curtis, the final girl of Halloween Kills gave an interview to NME in which she promised to “blow people’s minds open” and “get fans mad,” the first hint was given.

When asked about the film’s “new twist ending” in an interview with THR afterward, director David Gordon Green responded, “I just came up with one.”

Finally, Nick Castle, the actor who played Michael Myers in the original film, indicated recently at a convention that the film’s ending would be “surprising” to spectators.

In other words, what’s going on? A shocking and possibly rage-inducing twist appears to be looming in the film’s final moments, according to these remarks.

Despite the fact that everything is possible, the directors have made some interesting choices in this trilogy that seem to shed light on the situation.

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What is the Halloween Ends plot?

Halloween Ends Spoilers

When it comes to plot, we learn more about Halloween Ends in the YouTube trailer description, and it looks to be a divergence from the previous two installments,

Halloween and Halloween Kills—indeed, Halloween Kills begins in exactly the same vehicle journey that Halloween ends. Below is the official summary for Halloween Ends:

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What Is the Halloween Ends Release Date?

On October 14, 2022, Halloween Ends will premiere in theaters. Unlike Halloween Kills, which had a simultaneous release on Peacock, Halloween Ends is anticipated to be distributed only in theaters.

Halloween Ends Spoilers

A flood of Halloween Ends hypotheses have been spawned by horror enthusiasts, and Curtis and other of the film’s creators have also fueled such rumors with their comments.

Halloween Ends is a “departure” from previous films in the franchise, according to John Carpenter. With a chuckle, he explained “Halloween has come and gone. Compared to the rest, you’ll notice it’s quite different. A fascinating topic. A talented director Dave Gordon Green. Working with him is always a pleasure for me.”

“Halloween Ends” co-creator Gordon Green has confirmed that he will be working on a new series with Danny McBride “I’m doing my best to keep my mouth shut, be decent, and come to a satisfactory conclusion.

In order to make the experience of playing with John Carpenter’s characters and Debra Hill’s universe as enjoyable as possible for me, I want to keep everything controlled and under control.

Let the next generation, the next filmmaker, and the next great creative idea take over with the mythology while I’m in charge of quality control for lack of a better phrase, and have some fun in that wheelhouse.”

Curtis, for her part, told PEOPLE magazine: “In the last release, we’ve spoken a lot about how Michael Myers transcended from a man to something more, and I think the departure is predicated on that. And Michael’s story has gone on to become a legend.”

As a result, “Michael Myers has become something much larger than a man, and I think what’s been very exciting is that we worked out a way to make a very gratifying movie about human beings and the essence of evil,” she said. There is no doubt that the globe is currently in a state of darkness.

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Is there a Halloween Ends trailer?

On July 20, 2022, the first official Halloween Ends trailer was released.

The classic theme song from the film franchise, as well as Michael Myers’ labored breathing, can be heard playing through his mask.

On his way into the house, Michael Myers sees Laurie Strode, who is waiting for him with a rifle, and tells him, “You’re coming?” “Please, don’t be ridiculous. Let’s get this party started.”

A fight between Strode and Myers, as well as scenes of Myers terrorizing others and flashbacks to previous Halloween films, conclude the trailer. Strode tells the killer, “Come and get me motherf**ker,” as the film comes to a close.

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