For many people, New Year’s Eve is all about getting dressed up and going to a fancy party to ring in the new year. For some people, it’s a time to stay home and think about the past year.

No matter what group you’re in, there’s usually some time to kill while you wait for the ball to drop. How can you get to midnight faster? Watch a movie that makes you feel like celebrating New Year’s Eve.

Start your holiday movie marathon with movies that feel like they were made for the holiday. There are a few movies that are great to watch on New Year‘s Eve. They range from action movies to movies with great New Year’s Eve scenes.

When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally is one of the most popular romantic comedies ever made. It is about two longtime friends who are trying to figure out how to be together while living in New York City. One great New Year’s Eve party scene brings the movie to a close.

New Year’s Eve

Nothing says “New Year’s Eve” like a movie with that day’s name in the title. In this movie, the lives of several couples and single people come together on December 31. From Zac Efron to Robert DeNiro, the cast is full of big names.

Are We There Yet

This movie is great for kids and is sure to make you laugh before the clock strikes midnight. It’s about a guy named Nick who goes from Oregon to Canada with his girlfriend’s kids on New Year’s Eve. He doesn’t know what? During their trip, the kids plan to make his life a living hell for him.

The Great Gatsby

This great movie, which is based on the famous novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald, has champagne, sparkles, romance, and a lot of drama from the 1920s. It has all the glitz and glamour that many people dream of on New Year’s Eve.

An American in Paris

The great dancer Gene Kelly plays an American painter in Paris who is having trouble finding work and love. The black-and-white New Year’s Eve party in the Old Hollywood movie will get you excited for your own holiday parties.

While You Were Sleeping

In this romantic comedy, a train ticket collector is mistaken for the comatose patient’s fiancee. However, it’s the scene on New Year’s Eve at the end of the movie that puts it on our list.

Waiting To Exhale

This movie starts and ends on New Year’s Eve and shows how four friends deal with their jobs, families, and love lives.

About Time

In this movie, the main character has the power to go back in time. He uses it to fix a New Year’s Eve kiss and many other things that went wrong in his life.

High School Musical

The first scene of this classic, kid-friendly movie is the start of something new, just like New Year’s Day. The movie starts on December 31, when two high school students are on vacation with their parents and sing a karaoke song together.

Trading Places

Watching this comedy starring Eddie Murphy is a great way to start off the new year. From Thanksgiving to the end of the year, the movie is about a small-time con man who gets the chance to switch lives with a stock market expert.


In this sweet coming-of-age movie, a single mother who doesn’t follow the rules moves her two daughters to a small town in Massachusetts. It has Cher, a costume party on New Year’s Eve, and a lot of funny parts. What else do you need for a movie marathon at the end of the year?

Ocean’s Eleven

Want to do something exciting before the ball drops? There is a lot of it in Ocean’s Eleven. Even though it might not seem like it, the famous heist in the movie takes place on New Year’s Eve.

It’s a Wonderful Life

A down-on-his-luck businessman is saved by an angel who comes from heaven and shows him what life would have been like if he had never been born. The classic Christmas Movie will make you feel even more thankful as you head into the new year.

Money Train

Money Train is another action-packed movie with a big heist on New Year’s Eve. Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes play two bad cops who try to steal a train full of subway fares.

Happy New Year, Charlie Brown

From Halloween to the end of the year, Charlie Brown is there to keep you entertained. In this year-end video, the Peanuts gang attends Peppermint Patty’s New Year’s Eve celebration, while Charlie Brown is stuck doing a book report.


People who lived through Earth’s second ice age spend the rest of their lives on a luxury train with different sections for each class. Every time the train goes around the world in a circle, the people on board celebrate the new year.

Bridget Jones’s Diary

Bridget Jones decides to take charge of her life at the start of the new year. She then starts a diary. She writes every detail of her life story into the notebook over the next 365 days.

200 Cigarettes

In this 1999 movie, Ben Affleck, Paul Rudd, and Dave Chappelle play a group of single New Yorkers who are going to a wild New Year’s Eve party.

An Affair To Remember

On a cruise from Europe to New York, a man and a woman fall in love. Even though they are both engaged to other people, they have the best New Year’s Eve kiss.

A Long Way Down

This movie is based on Nick Hornby’s well-known book about four strangers who all planned to kill themselves on New Year’s Eve. But when they meet by chance on a roof, they decide to put their plan into action in six weeks. Along the way, the group makes connections with each other that give them a reason to live.

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