The American Rapper Kanye West is famous for some hard-hitting controversies. He recently went for an interview with Tucker Carlson Tonight, which aired on Friday on Fox News. He addressed some things that have happened to him in the past few months. Also, after the interview, the rapper shared something on his official Twitter account after almost 2 years. What was that post related to? Keep reading to know.

Ye opened up a lot of things during his interview with Tucker Carlson Tonight in which one of the major points to be considered was that people call him crazy wherever he goes, and it actually hurts his feelings.

Well, it all started when Boosie Badazz criticized West’s White Lives Matter t-shirt, in response to his tweet, West responded to him and received backlash. The rapper wrote: Come smack me or come shoot me, I was the one who is been bullied by Hollywood and other celebrities, now I’ll respond to them back. The tweet was deleted after some time, but it was captured by the media.

Kanye West Shares A Tweet After Almost Two Years

Recently, West shared a tweet after almost two years. The 45-year-old rapper shared a picture of a cap written 2024 on it. As the rapper wasn’t active on Twitter for the past few years, fans got an immediate shock thinking about what he is going to do now.

A recent tweet from @KanyePodcast wrote: Ye’s last post was almost 2 years ago and was announcing a presidential run in 2024. Now he returns with a hat that reminds everyone of that promise.

Some fans started assumptions about his plans, while on the other hand, some are still spreading hate toward him. Well, we can’t say much about his plans but all we can do is the assumptions so let’s wait till he gives an update.

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