Chris Fountain, a former cast member of Coronation Street, has a “mini-stroke” at age 35.

Chris Fountain, a former cast member of Coronation Street and Emmerdale, has disclosed that he had a mini-stroke.

The actor, 35, claimed that when he awoke one morning in August with speech problems, he was left “sounding like a kid.”

According to Fountain, who spent five days in a hospital in London, he was left feeling as though “life as I knew it was finished.”

After a blood clot became lodged in Fountain’s brain, he was diagnosed with a Transient Ischaemic Attack (TIA), also referred to as a small stroke.

Despite having 90% of his speech back, the actor admitted he still has to work with a speech therapist to relearn how to read aloud without stumbling.

“I noticed something wasn’t right when I got up one morning. I just couldn’t speak when my mother called, he told the Mirror.

“I started to look at items as I walked around my house, like the television or the refrigerator, but I couldn’t pronounce the word.

“I contacted 111 on the counsel of my mother, and they dispatched an ambulance for me; it was really terrifying.”

Fountain said that he felt “dumb” because he “couldn’t get the words out” to tell the physicians what he really wanted to say to them.

I was in a state of complete terror as I feared what it meant for the rest of my life when the physicians confirmed that I had a TIA and used the word stroke.

“Can I just have another one? If it got worse, would I lose the use of my arms or legs on the next one? I just started crying because I was so terrified, he continued.

Chris Fountain was initially admitted to Homerton University Hospital but was then moved to The Royal London Hospital’s specialised stroke ward.

The left side of my brain, which is where your cognitive functions are regulated, has some damage, the doctors said to him.

It’s frightening to think that, if I hadn’t called 111 at the right time and arrived at the hospital so swiftly, the blood clot would have traveled to the incorrect part of my brain and killed me. In my thoughts, that clot was like a ticking time bomb.

The NHS claims that a TIA is brought on by a brief interruption in the blood flow to a specific area of the brain.

A lack of oxygen reaching the brain as a result of this imbalance may result in symptoms resembling a stroke.

A TIA often lasts a few minutes to a few hours, which is less time than a stroke, according to the health service.

Slurred speech, a face that droops to one side, and being unable to lift both arms are all signs of a TIA.

Fountain described what it was like to be fired from the ITV soap in 2013 when a video of him rapping about rape leaked. He did this earlier this year.

On the Mancs on the Mic podcast in June of this year, Fountain, who was 25 at the time the video was released, said: “My life, my work, my image, and my reputation – everything was simply torn away. within a day. I spent four days inside my home alone.

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