Who is Elizabeth Debicki?

Elizabeth was born in Paris. When she was only five years old, the family moved to Melbourne. Her mother is Australian and her father is Polish. With a younger brother and sister, she is the oldest of three children.

She had her first big movie role in ‘The Great Gatsby’ playing the role of Jordan Baker, for which she won an Australian Academy of Cinema and Television Arts award for Best Supporting Actress.

She was rumoured to be dating Tom Hiddleston, with whom she shared great chemistry with in ‘The Night Manager’ but she vehemently denied these rumours.

Who was the actress spotted with?

At the opening of the fifth season of the popular series “The Crown,” the actress who plays the late Diana, Princess of Wales in the Netflix original series caught everyone’s attention as she made her way outside with Kristian Rasmussen.

They were photographed in a car, and Kristian even waved and smiled for the cameras.

Elizabeth and kristian at the premiere

The two were spotted entering and leaving the event while wearing fashionable black attire, including a long, sleeveless dress worn by the actress and a black suit for him.

Elizabeth has kept her love life very private, and Kristian is not very active on social media so it’s unknown as to when their relationship began, but it’s thought to be quite recent. They have only been seen together this week while out and about, but they already seemed quite close.

On November 7, 2022, Elizabeth and her new man attracted attention when they were spotted walking hand in hand while out shopping in London. In some pictures, they can be seen kissing and hugging.

Elizabeth and kristian first spotted outside

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The Australian actress is not one for showcasing her romantic relationships. As Elizabeth told Vogue Australia, “I’ve always been a private person. I feel like the thing I want out in the world is my work.”

She continued by saying that her personal life and her career are separate. Elizabeth doesn’t even use social media so their relationship is very private.

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