The Daily Show presenter Trevor Noah, who recently announced his departure from the late-night programme after seven years, was spotted getting close to the singer Dua Lipa.

Trevor and Dua on a date

Who were they involved with before their affair?

It’s unknown how long Dua and Trevor have been friends, but their debut comes little over a year after Dua split from Anwar Hadid, Gigi and Bella Hadid’s younger brother, in December 2021.

Trevor was most recently said to have dated actress Minka Kelly; however, sources have revealed that the two broke up in May 2022.

How did the rumors start?

At the Jamaican eatery Miss Lily’s in New York City, Dua and Trevor were seen in pictures taken by a news site kissing and holding hands on a pleasant night out.They “had some fantastic chemistry,” the site adds, and the evening ended with a “romantic kiss.”

Dua Lipa recently released an episode of her podcast, At Your Service, with her rumored boyfriend as her guest, which is a plot twist no one was expecting.After Trevor remarked that the podcast set-up made him feel like he was at one of Dua’s music recording sessions, Dua quipped, “Are you ready to sing us a song?”

Dua lipa podcast

Even though they had only ever met briefly at award presentations before to sitting down to record, the two had a friendly talk and appeared equally excited about it.

During the podcast Dua Lipa complimented him saying,“You are obviously very funny but your humor is very analytical, and I think that’s also a big reason why people gravitate to you.”

Trevor later returned the compliment, saying,“You’ve always been really wonderful and gracious.You’ve always been a really wonderful light, just like in the spaces that everybody’s in.So thank you for taking the time.I appreciate you.”

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Dua Lipa discussed how her prior relationships affected her in 2022 with fellow popstar Charli XCX on an episode of her podcast that aired on October 7, 2022.This year marks the first time in a very long time that she hasn’t been in a relationship, she claimed.

Though she embraced being single, it’s not known whether the episode was recorded before her sighting with Trevor.So things are still unclear whether the two are shacked up yet.

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