Pedro Pascal is a complete daddy whether he’s portraying a bounty hunter (The Mandalorian), pursuing cartel boss Pablo Escobar (Narcos), or jousting to the death (Game of Thrones). Also, he is aware of this fact. While walking the red carpet, he once bragged, “I am your cool slutty daddy.” In The Last Of Us, the 2013 video game adapted for HBO Max, he portrays a real father named Joel who tragically loses his daughter when the mushroom zombies take over the planet. Since then, he has been appropriately gloomy, angry, and brooding.

Although it is implied that his character is romantically involved with Tess (Anna Torv), a fellow smuggler, it is never made clear if or to what extent this connection was ever formalised. Pascal’s love life in real life is just as mysterious. The 47-year-old has been speculated to be seeing a few different ladies, but his true romantic involvements are a mystery due to his excessive privacy. Pascal’s reported girlfriends and past relationships are detailed here.

Maria Dizzia of Orange is the New Black was said to be dating the Chilean. The rumour mill places the beginning of their romance in the 1990s. A 2008 episode of Law & Order included the two co-stars.

Who does Pedro Pascal find love?

In 2014, he was briefly linked to another of his co-stars, Game of Thrones veteran Lena Headey. Headey captioned an April snapshot of the two of them together with the phrase “Sunshine love,” fueling speculation that the two were an item. In December of that year, they were rumoured to have been seen shopping at The Grove, which further added fuel to the fire. Not until February 2015, however, did Headey reveal she was expecting. As a result of her delay in telling anybody the father’s name, several people assumed Pascal was the father. After further investigation, however, Headey dispelled the accusations and publicly acknowledged that producer Dan Cadan is Teddy’s father.

who is pedro pascal dating

In July of 2015, the actor of Wonder Woman 1984 and Robin Tunney of The Mentalist were caught holding hands and kissing on a promenade in Hollywood, sparking rumours that they were an item. They went to the HBO Emmys After Party in September. Tunney’s kid was also there at the sighting in 2017; at this time, the couple had been dating for some time. However, neither party ever offered proof, as had been the case with the ladies before her. Pascal held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit in 2014. In response to a question on Pascal’s experience filming The Mentalist, he said, “I had a fantastic time with Robin Tunney, she is a new friend, and it was a really nice set.”

who is pedro pascal dating

Later, he was linked to Sarah Paulson, star of American Horror Story, but the two are probably simply very good friends. Pascal was interviewed by Paulson for a piece in Interview Magazine in 2014, and in that article, Pascal reflected on their initial encounter. To quote Sarah Paulson: “I moved to New York City in September of 1993, and I met you in that very first month.” He went on to say that the 18-year-olds had run across Woody Harrelson and become fast friends after their shared experience with the actor. Pascal revealed that Paulson saw his audition tape and gave him the job on Game of Thrones.

At least Pascal knows he’s the internet’s lover, even if the rest of the world will never know. The editors of Vanity Fair asked Pascal if he feels he’s a heartthrob, and he underwent a lie detector test to find out. After initially rejecting the notion, he eventually said, “Yes, I’m a heartthrob.”

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