Ah, Jed.

He came up on us very quietly.

Machine Gun Kelly’s music, if you will, broke our hearts.

In the last episode, Jed’s choice of Alesia was not a surprise to anyone.

He didn’t ask her to marry him, but they did agree to help each other through life after reality TV.

So, do those two wild kids still hang out together?


Jed told 10 Play that he and Alesia are “in a really good place” after the finale.

He said, “We’re taking it day by day and can’t wait to have a cup of coffee together and live a normal life after this.”

jed and alesia still together

“We’ve had to keep a relationship going by phone and text,” Alesia said. “In a dating sense, it’s so strange to not have gone out for coffee with someone.”

“It’ll be good that we can actually go out and do that so we can see what it’s like to be with each other in a normal setting,” she said.

As a bonus, here’s all the proof I found that they weren’t together:

  1. A month after filming ended, it was said that Jed was “approaching” women.
    Yahoo Lifestyle says that Jed was seen “approaching” women in King’s Cross one month after filming wrapped.

A source told the newspaper, “He seemed to be very single.” “It was strange that he was there by himself. He said he was waiting for his friends, but no one came. We left at about 3am, and he was still there on his own. It looks like he went out just to meet people.”

jed and alesia still together

The source said that when she asked the Bachelor about the show, he told her it was “good,” but he couldn’t say for sure if he was still with his final choice.

  1. Jed wrote a very sad song about breaking up with someone.
    In October, Jed put out a song called “Drown” that he had written.

“When no one is around, I cry so much. “Flood of tears, please God let me drown,” he sings in the song. “I’m so sorry dad. Don’t get mad at me, I couldn’t help being sad. I just can’t stop being sad.”

He flirted a little with Olivia from MAFS.

Jed was seen “flirting” with Olivia Frazer from Married at First Sight at an event in October, which no one asked for.

According to the Daily Mail, all three bachelors and the contestants were told to stay away from any past MAFS contestants.

A source told the publication that an email was sent to the cast, including the leading men, telling them to stay away from the stars of MAFS.

“It said they were embarrassing, and if we wanted our blue ticks and $5,000 bonus on Instagram, we had to stay away from any events or other reality stars.”

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