Anybody curious about Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott’s relationship may rest easy knowing that they are now “taking a break,” to borrow a phrase made famous by Ross and Rachel. After months of speculation, a source close to Entertainment Tonight has verified that Kylie and Travis are really taking a break from their romance.

According to the source, “the two have had an up-and-down relationship,” and the fact that they aren’t together at the moment doesn’t imply anything has permanently changed.

is kylie and travis still together

Why, therefore, did they stop working for a while? As “Kylie and Travis live different lives and that’s been a significant concern,” it seems that this is the case. Kylie seldom leaves the house now that she has two children. On the other side, Travis spends his time recording and hanging out with buddies late at night. Both parents have mutual regard for one another and plan to continue co-parenting.

Another source informed Us Weekly, “Kylie and Travis are off again,” so now we know the truth. The holidays were meant to be spent together, but instead she jetted off to Aspen to see her loved ones. They’ve been through this before, and they always end up being excellent friends and co-parents.

is kylie and travis still together

The separation between Kylie and Travis comes approximately four months after model Rojean Kar accused Travis of cheating on Kylie. But Travis dismissed the accusations on Insta Stories, stating, “It’s a lot of crazy crap going on. When I was conducting a video shoot, an unauthorised guest began taking pictures on the set. As I’ve said before, I have no personal knowledge of this individual. I’ve never dated this individual before. So, can we simply have a break from the endless cyber games and made-up stories?

Where or how did they initially met?

Jenner spoke highly of her coparenting relationship with the “Butterfly Effect” rapper in a March 2020 interview with Harper’s Bazaar. The two of them are “best friends,” she declared of Scott at the time. We want the best for Stormi, and we both adore her. There is constant communication and coordination between us. When I’m not sure what to do in a certain circumstance with Stormi, I try to put myself in [my parents’] shoes, Kris Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner. My parents had a hands-on approach with me, and I hope to have the same for Stormi.

A few weeks after that month, news sites began reporting that the exes had reconciled. According to Entertainment Tonight, the reality star and her ex-lover had been dating for almost a month, while a source told In Touch that they were taking things slow because of Jenner’s trust concerns.

Nevertheless, Mason Disick, Kylie’s nephew, has shot off the reports. In a March 2020 Instagram live, he confirmed that him and Kylie Jenner were not back together.

For the next year, while the COVID-19 epidemic was at its height, the two parents worked together to raise their daughter. At one of Travis’ shows at Miami’s Liv Nightclub in May 2021, Kylie was observed sitting close to him.

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