The last time we saw Emily Ratajkowski sitting courtside at an NBA game, she was with Pete Davidson, who is Hollywood’s most popular boyfriend. On her most recent outing, however, the model went with someone else.

On Monday night, EmRata was seen with comedian Eric André at a game between the New York Knicks and the Brooklyn Nets.

At Madison Square Garden, the two sat courtside together and drank from plastic cups. Ratajkowski wore a greyish-yellow leather jacket on top of a white crop top and black leggings with a flared bottom. André, on the other hand, wore a tie-dye long-sleeved shirt in grey and purple and black sweatpants with white prints on the sides.

During the game, they leaned into each other and smiled for pictures.

Ratajkowski has been dating André for a few weeks now, after what seemed to be the end of her relationship with Davidson after a few private and courtside dates.

Last week, the author of “My Body” and the stand-up comedian were seen laughing together as they walked to the West Village restaurant Via Carota for lunch. They were also seen on a dinner date the week before that, and last month, while on vacation in the Cayman Islands, they were seen kissing on the beach. A video from their tropical vacation showed them cuddling, with Ratajkowski’s arms around André’s neck as they rubbed noses.

who is eric andre dating

The model talked about dating in the public eye on a recent episode of her podcast, High Low with EmRata. She said it’s “pretty weird to be watched.”

“I’ve been on dates where there were no pictures, and I was like, ‘All good,'” she said. “There have also been times when I met someone for the first time and spent two hours with them, and there are pictures of us on the Internet.”

“[My dates] know everything about me, even if it’s something I don’t want to talk about, and they don’t always want to know,” she said. “So, that’s been a whole other part of just trying to keep things casual and also be aware of people’s feelings, and that’s been kind of hard to figure out.”

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