Love Island is one of the most popular American dating shows. This love competition revolves around five attractive females and males who compete to find a true connection and complete challenges to win the prize.

The first season itself was a big hit. It was shot on a tropical Fiji island and the location was perfectly romantic, fun, and hot. So were all the drama and the sizzling contestants. One such sensational contestant on the show was Kyra Green.

Kyra and Cashel

Though she did not join the show from the beginning, when she did, she took the game very seriously. There were a lot of upheavals when she joined. Cashel Barnett became her first love interest.

Their story

Cashel was one of the five boys who started the show from day one and soon became interested in pursuing Kyra. Although he was paired with Caro Viehweg, he was insistent on exploring things with Kyra. And he did so.

It was sort of mutual as Kara was interested in Cashel as well and in no time she had made her way into his heart. Cash decided to break it off with Caro and made it stronger with Green. Their relationship soon blossomed into a lot more.

Kyra and Cashel

But, trouble in paradise came sooner than expected with the wild card entry of Eric Hall. Fans were very sure about them making it to the end but halfway through the show, Cashel got dumped for the new tattooed Islander.

The show soon became a live experience of drama, love triangles, and confusion for all the people involved. This resulted in Cashel leaving the show and somehow Kyra and eric’s romance ended even before it began.

On and Off

Kyra did not stop at this and even tried her best to win back Cashel with a phone call.

After the show ended, they both did break up, only to get back together again. The couple had a fair share of a rocky relationship. They reportedly got back together in 2019. They made their final breakup official in 2020 and both went their separate ways.

Kyra even unfollowed him on social media and as Cashel says, probably even blocked his phone number.

Kyra in The Bold and The Beautiful


Kyra went ahead to pursue her career interest in acting. She even made a guest appearance in The Bold and The Beautiful. Kyra continues to be an Instagram influencer and often promotes ‘black lives matter’ and the rights of the LGBTQ community. She herself accepts to be bisexual.

Whatever the experience of her relationship with Cashel, the diva is now happy. We hope she achieves all she wants as she currently enjoys her single life.

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