Below is the complete solution for the crossword puzzle for September 6, 2023. Here, we’ll help you all solve the given puzzles easily with a moderate difficulty level. Wherever you get stuck, you are always allowed to know more with the help of the given hints and find the correct possible answer. If you want to challenge your brain, then you should definitely try solving these puzzles, which are published every day on our website.


Some sleeveless undergarments, informally CAMIS
It may result in damages TORT
Hip-hop subgenre in Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” TRAP
Creature whose saliva acts as a blood thinner LEECH
One side of a bet OVER
[giggle] HEHE
“Queen” of 40-Down ARETHA
CeeLo Green’s “Forget You” and the Black Eyed Peas’ “Don’t Mess With My Heart” RADIOEDITS
Egg holder SAC
Shade HUE
Distribute, as pineapples? DOLEOUT
“Rugrats” dad STU
Scatter STREW
Irene of old Hollywood DUNNE
Trace IOTA
Sanctuary scrolls TORAHS
Place for a hammer and anvil EAR
Christmas display CRECHE
Wheelhouses AREAS
With 39-Across, some Sundance submissions ? or a hint to four squares in this puzzle SHORT
See 37-Across FILMS
Comedian who said “Embrace who you are. Literally. Hug yourself,” familiarly ELLEN
Popular urban hangouts STOOPS
Cold War inits. KGB
Sappho, for one LYRIST
Spiritual teacher GURU
Steamed IRATE
Best Actor winner for “Bohemian Rhapsody” MALEK
Grist for a mill LOG
Sisterly SORORAL
Journalist ___ B. Wells IDA
Underground N.Y.C. group MTA
Increasingly common weather event akin to a hurricane SUPERSTORM
One with Windows PCUSER
Come out of one’s shell, say MOLT
Word after G MAIL
One-named former wrestler who twice won the W.W.E. Divas Championship PAIGE
“A Day Without Rain” singer ENYA
Genderqueer identity ENBY
Like a comet’s path ARCED


By a narrow margin
“Old Coke” vis-à-vis New Coke, in marketing CLASSIC
Faucet accessory AERATOR
Rom-com staples MEETCUTES
I, to Einstein ICH
Bygone rulers SHAHS
One wearing a traje de luces (“suit of light”) in the ring TORERO
Eggs OVA
Star with low luminosity REDDWARF
The Minutemen, e.g. TRIO
What Britain left in 2020, in brief THEEU
Fixed up REDONE
Ingredient in sushi rolls and poke bowls AHITUNA
Bother persistently PESTER
Was in Seasoned sailora rush OLDSALT
Ridiculous introduction? UTTERLY
___ Now (onetime political button) ERA
Place for icing ACHE
Did a job on HEISTED
Urban ill SMOG
Bank offering with a fixed payment schedule TERMLOAN
Otis Redding’s genre SOULMUSIC
Actress Long NIA
Mentored one PROTEGE
Powdered, in a way SUGARED
Words on a candy heart KISSME
E-commerce site with a portmanteau name GROUPON
By a narrow margin SLIMLY
Mexican sandwich TORTA
Italian sportswear brand named after a Greek letter KAPPA
“Look ___!” ATME
Bone to pick at dinner, say RIB
Tesla, for one CAR

Clues are given in order to help you all solve the given crossword puzzles easily in a very short amount of time. Do make sure to give it a try and challenge yourself as these puzzles are really fun to solve which will create a kind of brainstorming session for you. The hints are there to help you and the difficulty level is moderate so you don’t need to worry. Bookmark our website for more such crossword puzzles which are published every day along with solutions.

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