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___ Didrikson Zaharias, Olympic gold medalist in track and field who went on to win 10 L.P.G.A. major championships BABE
First lady’s husband ADAM
Square snack items SALTINES
Binge-watching units, for short EPS
Ones with chiseled jawlines, often STATUES
W.N.B.A. star Brittney GRINER
D.C. “Squad” member AOC
End of a White House address GOV
Injure, as a knee SKIN
Naproxen brand ALEVE
Saskatchewan’s capital REGINA
Puts on the books ENACTS
Changing it converts “convert” from a verb to a noun STRESS
Jacobs of fashion MARC
Off one’s game
Get into hot water? STEEP
Shanghainese, e.g. DIALECT
Capital that was once part of Denmark OSLO
“The Challenge” network MTV
60 minuti ORA
Chinese path TAO
“Hello” singer ADELE
Source of some wax BEE
“Ah, so it goes” ALAS
Adds insult to injury RUBSITIN
Drunk-skunk connector ASA
Governor Moore of Maryland WES
Lyric poem EPODE
Alternative to high-octane REGULAR
Mentor of Anakin and Luke OBIWAN
Cantankerous ORNERY
Makes the grade PASSES
Source of a scandalous comment HOTMIC
“But wait ? there’s ___!” MORE
The “V” in C.V. VITAE
Bombeck who said “Onion rings in the car cushions do not improve with time” ERMA
Editor’s “my bad,” maybe STET
Gas company with toy trucks HESS
Sat ___ (GPS in the U.K.) NAV
Bullfight cheer OLE
Important stretch ERA


One who might light altar candles in a religious ceremony ACOLYTE
Hydrating skin product BODYOIL
Evasive strategies on the football field ENDRUNS
Uncooked RAW
Emmy-winning actress Aduba UZO
Tanned and then some SUNBURNT
Urgent care pro ERDOC
Crowds of rowdies MOBS
Goof ERR
Whence dawn breaks THEEAST
Illuminated from behind REARLIT
Appoints as a minister ORDAINS
Slushy summer drink portmanteau FROSE
Fraternal order named for an animal ELKS
Journalist Curry ANN
Starting assumptions GIVENS
Borscht ingredient BEET
Not much to write home about BLAH
“Oh, dang!” AWSNAP
W.S.J. competitor NYP
Attack, as with snowballs PELT
Kind of thinking CRITICAL
First-class AONE
Provides mentorship ADVISES
What an asterisk might mean SEENOTE
Land for grazing PASTURE
Go over again ITERATE
Danced like Elvis GYRATED
Doubly TWICE
“Pick me! Pick me!” OHOH
Slangy turndown NAH
“The L Word” co-creator ___ Chaiken ILENE
Contributes ADDS
Midday refresher NAP
Korea’s ___ Jong Un KIM
Bay Area airport code SFO

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