Want to know who gave birth to Jhene Aiko’s child? Well, the singer has kids with two different people, but not with the same one. One is with his current boyfriend, and the other is with her ex-boyfriend. Now, most of you have already guessed about Jhene Aiko’s baby daddies. If not, don’t worry.

Jhene Aiko is a talented singer who can do a lot of different things. She became well-known because she was in the R&B group B2K. Jhene Aiko is now 34 years old. She was born on March 16, 1988. She comes from Los Angeles, which is in the U.S. state of California. Not many of you know that Jhene Aiko used to be part of the hip-hop group Cocaine 80s.

jhene aiko baby daddy

Now, she and her longtime boyfriend are one half of the hip-hop duo Twenty88. Some of Jhene Aiko’s most well-known songs are Stay Ready, The Worst, None Of Your Concern, I’ll Kill You, Triggered, Above and Beyond, Promises, Happiness Over Everything, Born Tired, One Of Dem Nights, and many more. Which of these is your favourite?

Did you go to The Magic Hour, Jhene Aiko’s last tour? It happened in 2020. Weren’t you lucky? When it comes to her personal life, Jhene Aiko dated a lot of people in the music business. But you’ll be glad to hear that she is now happy and has been with someone on and off since 2016.

Following ups, there are downfalls, too, in life. It’s the norm! Jhene Aiko gave birth to her second child last month. Congratulations! But who is her baby daddy? Also, who is Jhene’s first child’s father? Here are the answers to your questions about Jhene Aiko’s baby daddy and, in the long run, her love life.

Who is the father of Jhene Aiko’s child?

The fathers of Jhene Aiko’s children are O’ Ryan (her ex-boyfriend) and Big Sean (her current boyfriend). Here’s how it works! People know O’Ryan because he used to be the lead singer of the band B2K.

He is also the younger brother of Omarion, who is also an R&B singer. Well, since O’Ryan is the father of Jhene Aiko’s child, they have a daughter together. They gave her the name Namiko Love Browner when she was born on November 19, 2008. But the singer of Sunshine raised her by herself.

Jhene Aiko talked about her baby daddy in 2017 and said that she didn’t stay with him at the time. She said, though, that she was lucky to have a big, helpful family and that they were taking care of her and Namiko. During that time, she was on tour.

Jhene Aiko did not plan to get pregnant the first time. It just happened, and at that age, I didn’t hope for the same. But when she heard the news, she was shocked. The mother said, “I wanted my daughter to have a life that was bigger than me and me.”

Concerning Jhene Aiko’s baby daddy, the other one is none other than Big Sean. Since 2016, they have been dating, and things seem to be going well. This is especially true after their first child is born in November 2022. This time, Jhene Aiko and Big Sean had a son together. They named him Noah Hasani.

Well, it looks like Big Sean is the best father ever. Why? He is also friendly with Namiko, the girl he married. The way they get along is great! Both as a couple and as parents, Jhene Aiko and Big Sean seem to be very happy and strong. So now there are four of them!

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