Please welcome Leigh McClendon, who has quickly become one of my new most cherished friends. We’ve never met a teacher as cool as him. As a fourth-grade teacher in a Shreveport public school, his students bring joy into our lives on a regular basis. In addition to being an excellent teacher, Leigh has made over 1,000 films, and his dedication and hilarity are greatly appreciated by the students. He goes by the name Leigh monastery on TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.

When Leigh mc nasty first joined TikTok two years ago, you can see that he used to post videos about hunting. After posting teacher skits on TikTok during his first year as a teacher, he became an internet sensation.

Even though the Bald Guy was away visiting his family for a few days, we wanted Leigh to help out at our radio station any way he could. Questions were taken from the audience, and Leigh, as always, kept things interesting.

Leigh Mcnasty, the Mastermind Behind Tiktok’s Snapping Turtle Sensation Interview

Leigh Mcnasty Controversy

As TikTok’s “over-caring instructor” and the viral Snapping Turtle, Leigh McNasty has gained nearly 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

It’s safe to say that the 27-year-old Shreveport, Louisiana, native is the most ardent creator. Animal costumes and splashing around in muddy water aren’t something anyone else would do. As an added note, the costumes I’m linking to are all far too small for him.

As of this writing, Leigh’s first TikTok chapter in his Snapping Turtle series has racked up more than 4.7 million views on the platform. If you haven’t seen it, it’s not the kind of snapping you’re imagining!

With his background as an elementary school teacher, it should come as no surprise that he’s known for his “overly caring teacher” plays. HITC interviewed Leigh about how he comes up with his amusing ideas and what happened when his students learned of his TikTok fame.

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How Did You Get Into Tiktok and What Made You Decide to Start It in January 2020?

Leigh Mcnasty Controversy

To see what TikTok was like, I downloaded the app after seeing a friend’s TikTok video on Twitter. I’ve always enjoyed making films and skits.

A chance encounter with some hogs while deer hunting inspired me to make an instant comedy video, which I then uploaded to YouTube. It was a big hit!

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How Comedian Leigh Mc Clendon of Shreveport Became Famous on Tik Tok

Leigh Mcnasty Controversy

When a Shreveport man dressed as a pig attracted wild pigs to his treestand, he had an innovative idea: I should shoot my first TikTok. Leigh McClendon, a 27-year-old Instagram star, now has more than 2.2 million followers.

As a result of his success, McClendon purchased more hunting-themed costumes on the social media app and produced hunting-themed videos as turtle, pig, deer, squirrels, chickens, dog, cat, turkey, crawfish, and corn – with titles like “just a squirrel and his nuts.”

According to McClendon, who goes by the online handle Leigh McNasty, “I’ve tested out a lot of video things.” Josh Groban is McClendon’s all-time favorite musician, and he has 50,000 followers on TikTok. “I’ve posted videos of myself singing, and some of them have gotten millions of views,” McClendon said. As a result of his good-natured playfulness and long brown hair, his younger sister Haley McClendon predicts that he will be the next Seth Rogan or Chris Pratt.

“He’s never washed his hair before.” Thanks to his growing fan base, the actor is finally lathering up with shampoo and conditioner. Haley gushed about how proud she was of her brother. One of McClendon’s longtime friends, Trevor Jones, claims to make $5,000 a month playing Fortnite and other video games.

Jones predicted that “he’ll be a bigger internet star than a movie star.” “Viral power is the strongest thing there is.” When McClendon was out hunting, he came up with the idea for TikTok. “Kids Say the Darndest Things”-style content has emerged from McClendon’s time as an elementary school teacher, where he alternates between playing a frightened teacher and a cartwheeling, stomach-exposed student. This is where most of his success has come from.

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