Joe Rogan’s podcast, which has more than 113 episodes, has now been removed from Spotify. The following is a rundown of everything that has transpired so far regarding Joe Rogan and Spotify.

Both Joe Rogan and Daniel Ek, the CEO of Spotify, have issued formal apologies for the content of the Joe Rogan Experience podcast in the wake of the current scandal involving the Joe Rogan Experience’s dissemination of false information about Covid-19 and charges of racism.

Over 113 episodes of Joe Rogan’s podcast have been removed from the website by the firm. The following is a rundown of everything that has transpired so far regarding Joe Rogan and Spotify.

Misinformation Spread by Joe Rogan and The Covid-19

During an episode of Rogan’s podcast that was broadcast on December 31, virologist Dr Robert Malone promoted a number of misconceptions, one of which was the hypothesis that the effectiveness of vaccines is down to a phenomenon known as “mass formation psychosis.”

The virologist, who asserts that they were one of the first people to develop mRNA technologies, had their Twitter account suspended in the past for distributing false information on Covid-19.

joe rogan controversy

In response to the episode, more than 270 medical professionals wrote an open letter to Spotify, in which they referred to the Joe Rogan Experience as a “threat to public health.”

According to the letter, Spotify is “enabling its hosted media to damage public trust in scientific research and sow doubt in the credibility of data-driven guidance offered by medical professionals”

“By allowing the propagation of false and societally harmful assertions,” Spotify is “enabling its hosted media to damage public trust in scientific research and sow doubt in the credibility of data-driven guidance offered by medical professionals.”

On January 24, Canadian-American artist Neil Young issued a threat that he would remove his music off the platform if the Joe Rogan Experience was not removed from the platform. Joni Mitchell, a singer, has also expressed her intention to pull her songs from the platform.

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Spotify Has Announced More Information Regarding Its “covid-19 Policy.”

The issue compelled Spotify to publish its content policy for Covid-19 on January 30th, forcing the company’s hand. When it comes to the moderation of content, Spotify has begun to adopt a strategy that is comparable to that of Facebook.

Instead of taking direct action against content providers, the company is concentrating its efforts on labelling content with warnings and sending users to information hubs.

It was disclosed that there are regulations in place to prevent the dissemination of dangerous messages relating to the pandemic. But it will only take action against the content’s producers if it fits into one of two categories: either it must state that the pandemic is a hoax, or it must be stuff that encourages people to get infected on purpose.

The decision to not take any action against Joe Rogan appears to have been made by the platform in order to take advantage of a flaw in its own policies. In order to combat the spread of false information, the majority of social media platforms use a hybrid approach that combines soft and strong measures.

joe rogan controversy

Both YouTube and Twitter use a system called strikes, in which content providers get a scale of fines based on the number of times their work violates Twitter’s and YouTube’s respective policies.

This approach of responsive regulation recommends the use of less severe punishments, such as warnings, before progressing to more severe actions, such as closing accounts.

It may be well suited for dealing with “superspreaders” of misinformation, which is important in light of a recent report published by the Centre for Countering Digital Hate, which stated that 12 individuals are responsible for up to 73% of the misinformation that is spread on social media platforms.

Daniel Ek, in his initial defence of the podcast and Spotify’s lack of action, had claimed that the company was a combination of a publisher and a platform in what seemed like an attempt to absolve it of any responsibility for the content that it hosts. This was Daniel Ek’s initial defence of the podcast and Spotify’s lack of action.

However, many people have pointed out that Spotify cannot avoid responsibility for the content because it pays some of the hosts millions of dollars. This means that Spotify cannot avoid responsibility for the content. In Rogan’s case, the value of the contract is one hundred million dollars.

A Number of Instances Were Omitted in Addition to Allegations of Racism:

Rogan’s show became embroiled in yet another issue after a compilation of recordings from his podcast in which he used a racial slur became viral, despite the fact that it appeared to have withstood Young’s decision and the repercussions that followed it with relative ease.

In contrast to the earlier scandal, the fighter who had previously competed in the UFC was unable to evade or sidestep this one.

joe rogan controversy

After reaching an agreement to remove some of the problematic episodes, the contentious host published a video on Instagram containing an apology that lasted for five minutes on the previous Saturday.

“It is a video that was put together using snippets of me that were plucked out of context from 12 years of my podcast, and it looks…horrible, even to me. There is never a situation in which a person of the white race is ever permitted to use that word.

Rogan may be heard on the video admitting that he was wrong, first privately, then publicly on a podcast.

In addition, he attempted to minimise the seriousness of the situation by claiming that the occurrence was not racist in any way, despite admitting that this was “a dumb thing to say.”

A Note from Spotify’s CEO to The Staff

In a memo that he distributed to Spotify employees on February 7th, firm CEO Daniel Ek addressed the most recent problem that has arisen. “There are no words I can say that will appropriately describe how terribly sorry I am for the way in which the Joe Rogan Experience controversy continues to hurt every one of you. I am truly sorry.”

According to a quotation that was attributed to him, he stated that “some of Joe Rogan’s comments are not only terribly cruel but I want to make it clear that they do not represent the principles of this organisation.”

Ek did, however, emphasise that Spotify will not be removing the creator who supposedly has a licencing arrangement with the company. This information was provided by Ek.

“I do not feel that putting an end to Joe’s voice is the solution. “We should have clear limits around material and take action when they are violated, but cancelling videos is a slippery slope,” he said. “We should have clear lines around content and take action when they are crossed.”

In addition to this, he revealed that Spotify would be investing one hundred million dollars in the production and marketing of music and audio material created by underrepresented groups.

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Rumble Along with Other Platforms that Are Alternatives

In the meantime, the online video platform Rumble from Canada entered the fray yesterday by making an offer of one hundred million dollars to Joe Rogan in exchange for bringing his content on their platform.

“For the sake of having a true conversation, we stand in solidarity with you, your guests, and your army of followers. In an open letter to Joe Rogan that was released on Twitter by the Rumble handle, Rumble CEO Chris Pavlovski wrote that the company would like to offer Rogan “a hundred million reasons to make the world a better place.”

The offer read as follows: “How about you bring all of your shows to Rumble, both old and new, with no censorship, for the sum of one hundred million dollars spread out over four years?” Therefore, it is quite evident that there are a lot of platforms or publishers who would leap at the opportunity to attract Rogan’s 11 million listeners.

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