Dana Isaly Controversy

So now I’m on BookTok and Twitter, and Dana Islay and Willow Winters are no longer on my shelf.

Dana Islay is accused of plagiarizing the work of Jaclyn Kelso @astoldbyjaclym on TikTok and voice actor Eros who worked closely with Islay. As vo. eros inaudible, she is attempting to bring it to the notice of the general population.

He is being attacked despite the fact that he has a lot of evidence on his Free Patreon and Tik Tok. Willow Winters (Islay’s Mate) pounced on Eros right away, accusing him of being a jerk who would pull down a powerful woman and then lead his followers on a witch hunt.

It’s been amazing to see her post derogatory videos and tweets, then remove them. Dana Islay’s response is simple: “You can’t copyright IDEAS,” and she doesn’t care if she’s legally protected.

The comparisons between his work and Jaclyn’s, as well as his work and Sarah J Maas’s, are excessive in the times I read. It’s unethical, and she’s acting oddly about it.

Dana Isaly Controversy

We are, after all, WOMEN! After all, he’s a MAN! Have you ever had any reservations regarding women? Ignoring the reality that Jaclyn is a woman and that Eros is simply using his platform to seek assistance.

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The most off-putting aspect, in my opinion, is that Islay’s Games We Play novel is clearly inspired by Eros he even acknowledges him in his acknowledgments, and given how disrespectful and vicious it is, his use of Eros’s sexual assault as a child as an inspiration for his character is extremely concerning.

Dana Isaly authored a book about a voice actor called Corpse Husband. Then there was her pal… EROS created the audiobook. She knew that was all about him, and that portions of him and someone else had been directly taken. Is that correct?

Who knew there was such a link between reading and voice acting? While the world crumbles around me, a drama like this keeps me going.

Dana Isaly Controversy

When Dana Isaly released a novel about an anonymous internet persona, the majority of people assumed he was the corpse’s husband. Because of Vo. Eros has confirmed that it is he, he has been asked to narrate the audiobook.

He maintains that he and a companion plagiarized other material, but not this novel.

The only reason I bring it up is that the majority of us on this sub thought it was based on Corpse Husband. Not fan fiction, but the accusation of plagiarizing other works is the issue.

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