Celeb’s Go Dating’s Covid-friendly series in Spring 2021, filmed in a £30 million home in the English countryside, gave us serious Millie Mackintosh and Pro Green vibes when superstar DJ Tom Zanetti and Made in Chelsea’s ‘Duchess’ Sophie Hermann met and fell in love.

Although they struck up a friendship on television, and Tom even appeared in Sophie’s hometown of Chelsea, the relationship was short-lived and they broke up months later.

Tom confirmed the end of their relationship by saying, “We’ve gone our own ways, definitely.”. However, my best wishes go out to the duchess.

Who Is Tom Zanetti Dating

We made some wonderful memories and got to know each other better as a result of this experience, he told new! magazine. Because our lives are so different, we were unable to make a long-term commitment.

During their breakup, Sophie broke down in tears on Made in Chelsea as well.

Tom Zanetti And Sophie Hermann’s Relationship Timeline

E4’s dating show may not be the best at matching celebrities with the general public, but it’s excellent at matching celebrities with other celebrities. Since the beginning of filming for the covid-safe Mansion series in January, Sophie and Tom have been inseparable.

According to dating expert Anna Williamson, “It’s not something we endorse, but obviously every series we do, there tend to be wandering eyes among the celebrities.”

There is a real possibility that Paul and I may be able to help someone else find a potential match.

Who Is Tom Zanetti Dating

Immediately following the end of filming, Tom and Sophie faced backlash for posting pictures of themselves on social media that appeared to show them on a romantic Valentine’s Day outing. During the UK lockdown, Sophie was in Chelsea and Tom was in Manchester, which did not go over well with fans.

A few days after Sophie’s V-Day gaffe, fellow CGD sign-up Chloe Ferry asked Sophie about her and her boyfriend’s relationship during a Q&A session.

It’s so sweet to see you and Tom together. Join the bridal party as a junior bridesmaid! Is there any cake? Chloe exclaimed, “I’m not allowed to attend weddings because I get too drunk and wreck it.

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Sophie agreed, saying, “We’re cute.” I will be the first bridesmaid if we get married. Worry about being intoxicated before the party even begins.”

Closer was soon the only one who knew about Tom’s feelings for his new girlfriend.

“It felt completely natural to me.” The first time I met her, I had no idea she was interested in me.

It was as if someone had blown my mind. I didn’t know that. “From the beginning, you couldn’t see us talking much behind the scenes.”

Made in Chelsea star Sophie introduced her best guy pal Fred as her boyfriend in April, when legendary DJ Tom appeared on the show.

Who Is Tom Zanetti Dating

He admitted to the Access All Areas podcast on FUBAR Radio that he had no idea what to expect. However, I was expecting it to be more like being followed around by a bunch of cameras. “I had no idea it was going to be put up like that,” he said.

Sophie and Tom unfollowed each other on social media in June, indicating that they had “gone our separate ways.” But I’d like to congratulate the Duchess of Cambridge on her upcoming wedding.

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It was impossible for us to make a long-term commitment due to the fact that we lead such diverse and hectic lives.

After a night out was caught on camera, Chloe Saxon, an Instagram model, was linked to Tom a few days later.

Who Is Tom Zanetti Dating

Tom was photographed with Love Island’s Arabella Chi on the set of a fashion shoot in Ibiza following his relationship with Chloe.

Friendship blossomed on an I Saw It First filming last month, a source says. During their time in Ibiza, “They’ve spent several nights together.”

Friends and family members wished them well. Tom and Sophie remained together for about six months after they left the mansion, proving that dating celebrities on CGD doesn’t always work out.

This allowed Sophie to join him on Made in Chelsea. Sophie described his relationships with the other members of the cast. In April, she added, “The beautiful thing about Tom is that he gets along with everyone.

“It’s a wonderful quality to possess.” It was critical because everyone adored Fred.

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