The internet adores speculations of romance, which is why a video of SZA and Kehlani holding hands on their way to Rihanna’s Met Gala afterparty went viral.

Fans have been assuming that the two are dating and have been obsessively observing their public encounters. Many people just want to know who Kehlani is seeing, despite all of the conjecture.

Who Is Kehlani Dating?

SZA isn’t the only one who has recently fueled dating speculations with Kehlani. In April, Kehlani announced her pregnancy on Instagram. “Gay ga-gay gay!!!” she declared in the video.

She was previously linked to NBA player Kyrie Irving and declared on Twitter that she was attracted to both men and women.


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Kehlani prompted speculations that she was dating Kiane Lede before the hand-holding video with SZA went viral. Kiane’s music video for “Ur Best Friend,” which contains plenty of sensuous moments between the two and culminates with them kissing, fueled these allegations in the big part.

People were overjoyed at the moment, though it’s probable that this was more of a show than a true relationship.

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Is Kehlani Dating SZA?

It’s not the first time Kehlani and SZA have been seen holding hands. They were seen holding hands again in April when they were out with Lizzo.

These public displays of affection do not imply that the two are dating. It’s likely that they’re just good friends who have carried their friendship into adulthood.

There’s no proof that the two are dating, but their willingness to hold hands in public implies they were fine with people speculating about it, which is exactly what the internet did. Fans were clearly ecstatic by the concept that the two performers were romantically related, and the internet was swamped with memes almost as soon as the video was released online.

Who Is Kehlani Dating

Relationship History

2013 – 2016 PartyNextDoor

In 2013, Kehlani was linked to PartyNextDoor, a Canadian rapper, but the two decided to keep their romance discreet. In a 2015 interview with The Fader, PartyNextDoor apparently declined to discuss his relationship.

Nonetheless, in songs like “Female From Oakland” and “Muse,” both released in 2014 and featuring a girl from Kehlani’s birthplace of California, he seemed to discuss their romance. The sultry, introspective 2015 single “Kehlani’s Freestyle” — later titled “THINGS & SUCH” — seems to be the most directly about them.

They supposedly broke up in 2015, before Kehlani started dating NBA player Kyrie Irving.

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2016 Kyrie Irving


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Irving and Kehlani had a brief romance, although she told ILY Magazine in February 2016 that they had been friends for a time before things became romantic.

“I believe this is the first moment in my life that I’ve ever been able to be entirely myself at all times,” Kehlani stated. “In the sense of being incredibly foolish with someone and basing it on the best friendship,” says the author.

They went on to claim that while declaring their love for him was “extremely early,” he “certainly makes me very happy.”

It’s unknown when or why they ended their relationship, although Irving confirmed in March 2016 that he was “not dating” Kehlani at the time of Party’s Instagram post.

2017- Shaina Negrón

In 2017, Kehlani dated Shaina Negrón, a painter and tattoo artist. They stayed out of the spotlight for the most part, but they did go live on Instagram on multiple occasions and were pictured together at the 2017 Soul Train Awards. Her soft, sultry track “Honey,” released in October 2017, is reported to be inspired by Negrón.

“I was inspired by an androgynous woman,” Kehlani posted on Instagram. For the “Honey” music video, she “wanted to find someone who fits that, who was ‘hard’ yet so soft (yeah, like a bee).” “I realized I had to do something to honor the source of my inspiration.”

Who Is Kehlani Dating

They were last seen together in November 2017, but it’s unclear when they split.

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Young-White, Javaughn

Shortly after Kehlani revealed her pregnancy in 2018, her connection with her guitarist, Javaughn Young-White, became public. She was asked about the father of their child during a Queen Radio interview, and she revealed why she and Young-White were such a good match. “Before dating guys, I started dating women.”

Kehlani added, “I was fortunate to discover a bisexual guy companion.” “He recognizes my queerness and fluidity, and I recognize his.” Being understood is incredible.”

Despite their divorce, she and Young-White are still close friends and co-parents, she told British Vogue in 2020.

Yg for The Years 2019–2020

Who Is Kehlani Dating

When Kehlani and rapper YG stepped into a September 2019 New York Fashion Week show hand in hand, their romance became public. What followed was a whirlwind relationship with several breakups, according to her.

They announced their breakup on Valentine’s Day, 2020, the same day they published “Conclusions,” their duet. “Valentine’s Day (Shameful),” Kehlani’s following single, was about a romance that ended after she found her partner was cheating on her when she checked his phone. She said the song was “extremely literal,” “word for word,” when asked about the separation on The Breakfast Club in May 2020.

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