Kevin Durant, an NBA player, has been the subject of extensive rumors. He dated several different women during his time in the NBA. His gf Cassandra Anderson was one of them. During the time that Kevin was engaged to WNBA player Monica Wright, he was also having an intimate connection with Cassandra.

The news of their romance reportedly made headlines in 2017. Cassandra was spotted in the players’ spouses’ gallery while Kevin was playing for the Golden State Warriors.

In addition to this, they frequently interacted with one another on social media, particularly Cassandra’s Snapchat. This was accompanied by footage of the pair watching a game together.

After their breakup in 2020, Cassandra removed Kevin’s photo from her profile and ultimately deactivated her account. Therefore, Kevin Durant is not dating anyone at the moment. Instead, let’s investigate what Cassandra Anderson, Kevin’s ex, has been up to recently.

Who Is Cassandra Anderson, Kevin Durant’s Girlfriend?

Cassandra Anderson, Kevin Durant's Girlfriend

It’s possible that Cassandra Anderson was Kevin Durant’s rumored girlfriend. She was reared in California and currently works for Berkshire Hathaway Drysdale Properties as a real estate agent.

She was a student at Bakersfield High. She won three Bakersfield Golden Player of the Year awards and the offensive MVP title in 2007. When Anderson attended the University of Florida, he participated in volleyball. She played volleyball for the Gators alongside Doc Rivers’ daughter Callie Rivers.

In 2012, she finished with a bachelor’s degree in tourism and recreation. Cassandra started working in real estate in 2016. After starting her real estate career in Los Angeles, California, she moved to Pleasanton after a year. In 2017, she started working at Berkshire Hathaway. Her family background has not been mentioned in any sources.

How Did Cassandra Anderson and Kevin Durant Meet?

Cassandra Anderson and Kevin Durant Meet

Durant and Anderson have gotten to know one another since 2017. Anderson, who played for the Golden State Warriors, was seen watching Durant’s games from the spouses’ section.

They shared several amusing videos of themselves having fun together on social media, and in late January 2018, Durant appeared on Anderson’s Snapchat profile. Prior to his engagement with Anderson, Durant was engaged to NBA player Monica Wright. Durant hid his relationship with Anderson after calling off his engagement to Monica.

However, according to specific sources from 2020, Anderson’s profile no longer lists Kevin. When Anderson also deleted her Instagram account, the rumors intensified. This suggests that the putative pair has already broken up or is at the very least trying to keep things quiet.

Throughout his career, Kevin Durant has been associated with a number of women; some of these relationships were actual, while others were only rumors.

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Cassandra Anderson, a former rumored girlfriend of NBA star Kevin Durant, is a real estate agent who played volleyball for the University of Florida. She gained attention in 2017 when she was spotted in the players’ spouses’ gallery while Kevin was playing for the Golden State Warriors.

While rumors of their romance circulated, they interacted on social media, but their relationship reportedly ended in 2020.

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