Ben Azelart is a skateboarder and a renowned YouTuber. On his YouTube channel, which bears his name, he vlogs about his experiences and insane abilities.

Ben Azelart attended Kailua Intermediate School in Hawaii. He has a great skateboarding record and has competed in events such as the Association of Skateboarders Hawaii and the King of the Groms. In 2017, he also competed in the Vans United States Open.

Stay Wild, Azelart’s podcast was released in March 2021. He’s also a popular TikTok celebrity, having 13.3 million followers and a combined fan base of 323.1 million.

His YouTube videos contain information that appeals to everyone’s sensibilities. He’s a funny guy who likes to play tricks in his videos. Ben joined YouTube on June 5, 2014, and has 983,150,784 views. The 19-year-old star has 6.86 million subscribers and posts his videos every Sunday.

Ben Azelart has been in the news since he was initially linked to Lexi Rivera. Fans adored his chemistry with the TikTok.

His love life has been the talk of the town, and followers all over the world are ecstatic to learn any new information about their favorite social media influencer. In this article, we’ll look into ‘Who is Ben Azelart dating in 2021?’ and learn more about his personal life.

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Who Is Ben Azelart Dating in 2022?

Who Is Ben Azelart Dating

Ben Azelart is currently single. He had a tumultuous relationship with Lexi Rivera, a popular YouTuber, and TikToker until 2015. Ben and Lexi have been together since 2018 when they started making TikTok videos together.

Ben Azelart first collaborated with Brent Rivera, a renowned YouTuber with over 35 million subscribers who is also a TikTok. Ben satisfied his sister Lexi by staying in touch with him, and their relationship grew into a beautiful one.

This lovely couple wowed the internet for three years with their incredible chemistry, which was evident in their TikTok videos.

Ben and Lexi called it quits in November 2020, despite being one of the most popular couples on the brief video-making app. Fans were overjoyed to hear the news, as the couple appeared to be so nice and had established criteria for relationship goals. In November, Ben and Lexi released a YouTube video in which they revealed their split to their followers.

Ben and Lexi revealed certain aspects of their lives that led them to this decision. They both assured the crowd that they have no grudges toward one another and will remain friends.

Who Is Ben Azelart Dating

The film depicts the psychological dynamic between the two, which inflates our hearts in some way. Through this film, they concluded their sweet and sour romance and dispelled our doubts.

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Ben Azelart’s Dating History

In May of 2018, Ben Azelart, 16, was rumored to be dating Brighton Sharbino. She is well known for her roles as Lizzie Samuels in “The Walking Dead” from 2013 to 2015 and Allison Betts in “Zoe Valentine” from 2019. Their first encounter is unknown, but they became close over time.

Ben Azelart, 16, started dating Brighton Sharbino in May 2018. She is well known for her roles as Lizzie Samuels in “The Walking Dead” from 2013 to 2015 and Allison Betts in “Zoe Valentine” from 2019. It’s unclear when or how they met, but they grew close over time.

“It was the smoothest break-up you could ever have,” she remarked after disclosing they had been dating for more than a year. They stay in touch.

The skater was then linked to Lexi Hensler. Although they were merely friends who cooperated and appeared in each other’s works, their social media relationship fuelled rumors that they were dating.

At the same time, she was linked to Brent Rivera, another social media sensation. In her April 2019 video, “REACTING TO YOUR ASSUMPTIONS!!,” Lexi debunked the rumors. “DID I DATE BRENT RIVERA?!,” she said, claiming that Brent is her friend and that she would never date him, adding, “Ben is like my little brother.” Ben consults with me, and I consult with him.

Who Is Ben Azelart Dating

Ben is 17 years old, and I am 21. A younger brother, a family member… If you notice, I’m closer to Ben; I spend a lot of time with him and we both live in Los Angeles.”

Ben Azelart was linked to Brent Rivera’s younger sister Lexi Rivera in early 2018. Brent introduced them, and the two became fast friends. Ben, on the other hand, released a Q&A video in September 2018 titled “WHAT’S MY RELATIONSHIP STATUS?! “I’ll just say this,” he said, “I obviously have a crush on someone.”

Certain details could not be overlooked. Several of their joint photos can be found on their Instagram accounts. Ben even surprised her on Valentine’s Day 2020, posting a photo on Instagram and referring to her as “someone special.” She replied by uploading photos of Ben kissing and embracing her in a pool and wishing him a good Valentine’s Day.

They recently shared photos of themselves dressed up in Halloween costumes. They’re clearly inseparable, and we wish them all the best.

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