On June 25, TikTok celebrity Ophelia Nichols of Alabama announced the terrible death of her kid on the app. Fans are mourning Mama Tot’s loss and are curious about what happened to her son after he passed away.

In her most recent TikTok video, Mama Tot requests information about her son’s passing from her viewers.

When her fans ask her any question, Mama Tot frequently responds by offering advice. Giving advice makes her happy all the time.

In her videos, she frequently refers to her personal life. In May 2022, she revealed at a Q&A that her mother had mental health problems.

Mama Tot asserted that her mother expelled her when she was a teen and fresh off the delivery of her first child. Since about 2008, in 2022, she has assisted individuals online.

Who Is Mama Tot?

With 7M followers on TikTok, Ophelia Nichols, often known as Mama Tot, is a popular user.

With the handle @shoelover99, you may find her on TikTok.

She has been using TikTok for several years, and Mama Tot is 40 years old. Also in 2021, she started watching YouTube. In 2014, she says on LinkedIn, she became an evangelist for social media.

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What Happened to Mama Tot’s Son?

Mama Tot’s kid was killed by a gunshot in Mobile, Alabama, on June 23rd, a Friday.

The night before her son’s 19th birthday, Ophelia said on TikTok, her son was killed.

Someone must be aware of something because I have about seven million followers, she claimed.

Mama Tot claimed that her son had been shot and that she was filled with “hatred” in her heart but couldn’t place it because she had “never felt hatred for anyone.”

Who Was Ophelia’s Son?

Ophelia Nichols has discussed her life and that of her four children, including her son Randon Lee, on TikTok and YouTube in the past.

In his 18th year, Randon passed away. He worked at Controlled Environment Systems, according to his Facebook page, and was dating someone.

Ophelia expressed gratitude to her online community on Facebook. “I appreciate the continuous prayers for myself, my husband, my kids, and our family,” she said in her letter.

In an effort to raise money for Mama Tot and her family to pay for Randon’s funeral, a GoFundMe page was set up soon after the devastating news.

What Happened to Mamatots Son

Following a surge in donations, the fundraiser quickly exceeded its $75,000 goal. In advance of Randon’s funeral on July 2, more than $175,000 has been collected to date.

It seems as though a fan or supporter of Mama Tot set it up. As you may have heard, Randon, Ophelia’s Mamatot’s lovely 18-year-old son, died yesterday, as stated in the description. Now that she has aided countless numbers of people, it is our turn to assist her.

As of June 25th, according to Fox News, no arrests have been made in the case.

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