Fetty Wap, a rapper, was previously one of the most well-known figures in hip-hop. He first entered the music world in 2014 with his platinum-selling single “Trap Queen,” and he continued to rule with the release of his debut album of the same name the following year.

More than a million copies of the album were sold, and it even debuted at the top of the Billboard Top 200 chart. In addition to winning a Billboard Music Award and an MTV Video Music Award in 2016, Fetty was nominated for two Grammy Awards in 2016.

Then what? At least when it came to releasing a new album, Fetty Wap seemed to vanish into thin air. Casual listeners and admirers alike have been left wondering what happened to Fetty Wap as a result of his radio-quiet. Let’s examine his recent activities in greater detail.

How Did Fetty Wap’s Eye Get Damaged?

What Happened to Fetty Wap

The 31-year-old, who was born Willie Junior Maxwell II on June 7, 1991, lost his left eye just before turning one. He suppressed the reason behind this for a long time till the beginning of 2015.

Fetty said he had lost his left eye due to a terrible accident during an interview with DJ Self on Shade 45, not from being shot as some reports suggested.

Fetty said: “When I was little, I had gotten into a little accident and it gave me congenital glaucoma in both of my eyes.”  In other words, he has a disorder that harms and impairs the optic nerve as a result of pressure buildup.

This can happen following trauma or infection and stops the eye from transmitting images for the brain to process.

Fetty added: “The doctor saved one, I was blessed to still have my vision. That’s it. That’s the story.” The loss of their eye would have caused many people to feel uneasy and upset, but Fetty has come to accept it.

What Happened to Fetty Wap

The rapper of Trap Queen made it obvious that he had no issues about it in that same 2015 interview.

He told DJ Self: “I’m probably one of the first rappers/singers to come on the scene with one eye and be comfortable with it.”

He continued by discussing how people reacted to him losing his sight at a young age. Many people are judgmental, but it all depends on how you present yourself to others, he said.

When they first meet me, most people will probably not know that about me. After the incident, he was given a prosthetic eye, but Fetty, who had become accustomed to his condition, made the decision to get rid of it when he was a teenager.

The rapper has been involved in several legal battles since becoming well-known. In 2016 Fetty was charged with copyright infringement and breach of contract with P-Dice in connection with “Trap Queen.”

He was found guilty of defaming a former employee in 2017 and was ordered to pay her $1 million in damages.

In Brooklyn, New York, Fetty was stopped for driving 100 mph and then arrested for DUI. Ultimately, according to the New York Daily News, he entered a guilty plea, paid a fine, and was ordered to take driving lessons.

When hiding out for a few years, Fetty was finally apprehended in Las Vegas in 2019 after three Mirage Hotel staff members reported being assaulted. The rapper was also charged with allegedly damaging $170,000 in damages to a Hollywood Hills rental house.

In April 2020, Fetty was most recently accused of abusing a woman in his Los Angeles residence in 2019.

He Went Through A Divorce With Leandra Gonzalez

What Happened to Fetty Wap

Leandra Gonzalez, a model and company owner, and Fetty got married in September 2019. Soon after getting married, the couple fell out of love, and by March 2020, Leandra had requested a divorce.

After considerable rumors, Fetty finally revealed in January 2018 how many kids he has from six different women.  “Actually, my son is on the way so it’ll be 7 at 27 with 22 million,” he shared via Instagram. 

“All my kids’ moms have moved on and living their life,” he added. “They allow me to be a dad to my kids.”

Despite not publicly claiming the two-year-old Alaiya, whose mother is Alexis Skyy from Love & Hip Hop: New York, he did post a birthday shoutout for her in January.

“Happy Birthday Miss Grace … you are the strongest person I have ever met,” he captioned an Instagram photo of the little girl. “I watched you fight through some shit that I and your mom cried about not knowing if you were gonna make it out & now look 2 years of age and still holding that smile … you’re different shorty you really strong. thank you for letting me be a part of your beginning to a bright future. I can’t wait to see the powerful young lady you become.”

Fetty Wap has had plenty to keep him occupied in recent years, including lawsuits (and other legal snafus), marriage and divorce, and at least seven kids. They haven’t always been helpful diversions, unfortunately. The wait for the rapper’s brand-new album is almost over, which is fantastic news.


After the rapper entered a guilty plea to cocaine conspiracy, Fetty Wap’s vision impairment has also come to the fore. His admirers thought it was special since it sets him apart from other hip-hop musicians.

As he began to dominate the internet once more, people started to wonder what had happened to his left eye. People were even more intrigued by the rumors that he had been shot in the eye.

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