Giving her! A warm welcome to Plathvillestar Turning a new leaf is Kim Plath. The mother of ten is adjusting to life as her children age and she has had a significant weight change.

In a May 2022 episode, the Cairo, Georgia, native said, “Raising 10 children over the period of 20 some years, I feel like in many respects, I kind of lost myself in that process.” I’ve been looking after myself, so, now. I feel pretty fantastic since I make it a priority to work out every day.

Besides going to the gym every day, the matriarch just started her own dance studio, which offers classes in ballet, belly dancing, and stretching. She was previously a dancer.

Kim Plath said, “I’m enjoying being in my body a little more,” saying that her new wellness routine sees her donning new outfits and exposing a little more skin.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Star Kim Plath’s Weight Loss Transformation

Even her husband, Barry Plath, noted a spring in her step, but he worried about if she was going through a midlife crisis and how her weight reduction would affect her “mentally [and] emotionally.”

In season 4 of the family’s popular TLC series, the Plath patriarch and matriarch’s marital problems would take center stage. A warm welcome to Plathvillestar Turning a new leaf is Kim Plath.

Kim said, “I’m hurting so deeply I can hardly stand it,” when reading a passage from her journal to the show’s producers. And my heart cries out for more, she continued. I crave thrills and intimacy. Genuine closeness

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Star Kim Plath’s Weight Loss Transformation

In June 2022, Kim and Barry announced their separation from one another after 24 years of marriage. The broadcast featured their desire to live separately.

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In a joint statement to People at the time, the couple said, “After careful consideration and discussion, we have chosen to dissolve our marriage.” “Although it wasn’t an easy option, we know it’s the right one for both of us.

‘Welcome to Plathville’ Star Kim Plath’s Weight Loss Transformation

During the next chapter of our lives, which will span the next 24 years of our marriage, we will co-parent our lovely kids, who have been through many highs and lows.

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