Vicki Ann Lawrence, sometimes known as Vicki Lawrence Schultz, is a singer, actor, and comedian from the United States. She is primarily recognized for the Mama role she played as Thelma Harper. From 1967 to 1978, the whole span of CBS’s The Carol Burnett Show, Lawrence created a plethora of personas in addition to Mama.

Lawrence debuted her renowned Mama role on a comedy routine called The Family in the seventh season of The Carol Burnett Show. The Family was only intended to be a one-time comedy, but due to its surprising popularity with viewers, it received repeat episodes throughout the remaining five seasons of the show.

Vicki Lawrence’s Net Worth

Net Worth:$8 Million
Date of Birth:Mar 26, 1949 (74 years old)
Place of Birth:Inglewood
Height:5 ft 5 in (1.67 m)
Profession:Singer, Actor, Comedian, Musician
Nationality:United States of America

Vicki Lawrence’s net worth is estimated to be around $8 million dollars, according to celebrity net worth. She has earned this considerable wealth through her multi-decade career as an actress and singer, during which she received acclaim for her performances on popular shows such as “Mama’s Family” and “The Carol Burnett Show”.

Throughout her career, Lawrence has amassed a significant fan following and has become a household name in the entertainment industry. Her successful career has not only brought her financial success but also earned her numerous accolades and honors.

Vicki Lawrence’s Biography

Vicki Lawrence's Biography

Vicki Ann Lawrence is an American actress, singer, and comedian who was born in Inglewood, California. Vicki, who was born on March 26, 1949, is well-known for the various personas she played on CBS’s “The Carol Burnett Show.”

She is also highly recognized as an author and for her singing abilities. Vicki has been working in her field since 1967 and is a Golden Globe and Emmy award winner.

One would be curious about Vicky’s current net worth as a well-known American television personality who has demonstrated notoriety and perseverance throughout her career.

Sources estimate Vicki’s wealth to be over $8 million as of the beginning of 2016. Of course, her success as an actress on television has contributed to her accumulation of fortune. She has also made a sizable sum of money as a popular singer and comedian.

Vicki Lawrence’s Husband

Vicki Lawrence's Husband

More than 46 years have passed since Vicki Lawrence wed Hollywood makeup artist Al Schultz. Courtney Allison Schultz was born on May 3, 1975, and they welcomed their son Garrett Lawrence Schultz on November 16, 1974. On July 3rd, 1977, the author was born.

She was previously married to singer-songwriter Bobby Russell for two years, beginning on June 29, 1972, and ending the same day in 1974.


Vicki Lawrence is a celebrated American actress, singer, and comedian, best known for her iconic role as Mama on “The Carol Burnett Show.”

With a net worth of approximately $8 million, she has achieved remarkable success in her multi-decade career and has won numerous accolades and honors. Lawrence has also been married twice, first to Bobby Russell and currently to Al Schultz.

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