Tom Cruise had the spotlight all to himself during the Oscars luncheon as he mingled with other celebrities, walked the red carpet, and interacted with the media.

Despite being a Hollywood heartthrob and having been married three times, the actor has remained tight-lipped about any new relationships since his divorce from Katie Holmes.

Although there have been speculations about a possible romance with his Top Gun co-star Hayley Atwell, the couple’s on-again, off-again relationship reportedly ended for good in September 2021.

So, what’s the current status of Cruise’s love life? Is he flying solo, or is there a secret romance brewing behind the scenes? This article provides all the necessary details on Tom Cruise’s romantic endeavors.

Who Is Tom Cruise Dating?

Who Is Tom Cruise Dating?

The specifics of Cruise’s love life are currently unknown. Since his divorce from Holmes, the reclusive actor has been linked to a number of women, but he hasn’t publicly confirmed any of them.

Hayley Atwell, a co-star in Top Gun and 40 years old, was his most recent rumored lover. The couple appears to have an on-again, off-again relationship, allegedly breaking up in September 2021, then reconciling before finally calling it quits.

The Sun reported in July 2022 that Atwell had “dumped” Cruise in favor of producer and self-described pantheist Ned Wolfgang Kelly. Hayley’s delight is evident right now, a source claimed. They get along like a house on fire and make a really attractive couple, it was added.

A source confirmed that Cruise and Atwell’s relationship was genuine in another item published in The Sun on Sunday. “Tom and Hayley’s relationship was real,” they claimed. Contrary to certain rumors, it was never done for the cameras alone.

Sadly, it didn’t turn out well for them. They have great chemistry and a great working relationship, so earlier this year they secretly decided to give it another shot. “They have now concluded they are best as friends,” the author continues.

Tom Cruise: Is He Single?

According to reports, Cruise is single. The actor hasn’t made public announcements about a relationship since divorcing Katie Holmes in 2012.

Tom Cruise: Is He Married?

Cruise has been married three times but is not currently married. Since his divorce from Holmes, which was finalized in 2012, the 59-year-old actor has not remarried.

Following are some of his ex-wives along with the reasons they separated:

Mimi Rogers

Mimi Rogers

Cruise’s first wife, whom he married in 1987, was Mimi Rogers (Lost in Space, Austin Powers). He had been in films like Risky Business and Top Gun before getting married, so he was already a well-known actor.

Rogers reportedly introduced Cruise to the Church of Scientology initially. Her father was a founding member of the church. Their brief union ended in divorce, which was finalized in 1990.

While there have been great parts to our marriage, there were some issues that could not be resolved even after working on them for a while, the pair wrote in a statement about the split.

Yet, Rogers said that Tom had considered becoming a monk seriously in a 1993 interview with Playboy.

It appeared, at least temporarily, that marriage would not meet his total spiritual needs. Cruise met Nicole Kidman, who would eventually become his second wife, two days after the divorce was officially finalized.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman

After getting to know Kidman while filming Days of Thunder, Cruise wed her in December 1990 (The Northman, Moulin Rouge). Cruise met Nicole Kidman, who would eventually become his second wife, two days after the divorce was officially finalized.

After getting to know Kidman while filming Days of Thunder, Cruise wed her in December 1990 (The Northman, Moulin Rouge).

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes was an actor and was Cruise’s third and most recent wife (Batman Begins). In 2005, the two started dating, with Cruise memorably telling Oprah about it by bouncing up and down on the couch.

They were married in November of the same year their daughter Suri was born, which was in April of that same year. In 2012, the couple filed for divorce, and Holmes was granted exclusive custody of Suri. According to reports, Cruise and his youngest daughter are currently at odds.


Tom Cruise’s love life has been a topic of interest for many, with rumors circulating about his relationships with various women.

While there has been speculation about a romance with his Top Gun co-star, Hayley Atwell, the couple’s on-again, off-again relationship appears to have ended. As of now, Cruise’s relationship status is believed to be single. However, as a notoriously private individual, it’s difficult to know for certain.

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