In her hometown of Grantham, London, a new statue of late British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has been constructed. However, it was quickly vandalized and verbally abused when it was put.

According to a Guardian report, the installers skipped the inaugural ceremony for the statue because such a strong reaction was expected.

A guy was photographed tossing eggs at the controversial political figure’s statue shortly after it was installed, and the photo quickly went viral on social media.

Margaret Thatcher, who died on April 8, 2013, at the age of 87, following a stroke, was undeniably a polarizing political figure in the United Kingdom. She was the first woman to be elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The statue was erected in her hometown, where she grew up and was educated, as a way of paying tribute to her legacy. The people reacted differently to the statue, with some taking selfies with it and others booing and throwing eggs at it.

The event was “totally predictable,” according to Labour councilor Lee Steptoe.

“Petty vandalism and political protest were always going to be a target for the statue. She was perhaps the most divisive prime minister in history, if not in my lifetime “Added he.

Baroness Thatcher grew up in the market town as the daughter of a grocer.

The Margaret Thatcher Statue Was Egged Within Hours of Its Installation

“We must never forget our history,” Mr. Cooke continued, “and this memorial will be a discussion point for future generations.”

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The Grantham Community Heritage Association (GCHA), an educational nonprofit that runs Grantham Museum, has spent years fundraising for a permanent memorial to Baroness Thatcher.

The GCHA’s Graham Jeal commented: “A more permanent memorial to the country’s first female prime minister, who was a huge national and worldwide political figure, has long been discussed in Grantham.

“The memorial’s arrival has helped the museum’s finances survive the Covid pandemic by securing its future.

The Margaret Thatcher Statue Was Egged Within Hours of Its Installation

“An exhibition inside the museum demonstrates the complete spectrum of perspectives on Margaret Thatcher’s legacy in Grantham.”

On the crossroads of North Parade and Broad Street in Grantham, a plaque commemorates Baroness Thatcher’s birthplace.

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