Roman Kemp speaks with MailOnline about his diagnosis of the deadly disease sleep apnoea. He also plans to leave Capital Breakfast after five years and aspires to build a dog sanctuary.

Roman Kemp is an English radio and television personality. He has been the host of Capital FM’s statewide radio network since 2014, as well as their own breakfast show since 2017.

Kemp revealed that he plans to leave radio within five years after being diagnosed with a terrifying ailment called sleep apnoea,’ which he attributes to his frantic lifestyle.

He’s also making news after describing the situation during the Champions League final in France last weekend. “It was really, very terrible,” he said of the moment he was tear-gassed.

He claimed that when he arrived at the Stade de France in Paris on Saturday, May 28, he was met with “hostility right away” by French police.

On his Capital Breakfast show on Monday, Kemp requested that authorities investigate prejudice “against Liverpool supporters.” He also stated that officers mocked supporters before pulling them apart.

Is Roman Kemp Diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea?

Roman Kemp Illness

As Roman Kemo speaks with Mailonline, he has been diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea.

“Early mornings are a part of my routine,” the 29-year-old told OK! magazine. “However, I recently found that I suffer from sleep apnoea.”

“I’d always assumed it was due to my exhaustion, but it turns out I need to see a doctor. So not only have I been doing Capital for five years, but it has also drained me.”

He also told MailOnline that his weariness was “debilitating,” and that when physicians told him it was due to his profession, he exclaimed, “This is different.”

“I was speaking with people and I thought I was on the verge of narcolepsy because I’d be in the middle of a discussion and snoring and not recognize it,” he explained.

Physicians instructed him to use an oxygen mask to help him cope with his illness, he added. He remarked, “There’s nothing hotter than coming back to Roman Kemp’s apartment.”

“Instead of candles and ambiance lighting, they got a Darth Vader impersonator into an oxygen tank. My romantic life will resemble a Channel 5 program!”

He’s been in his current job since 2017, and he plans to stay on the air for at least a decade before turning his attention to his health.

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Roman Kemp’s Health and Illness

Roman Kemp Illness

Roman Kemp’s health is deteriorating after he was diagnosed with Sleep Apnoea, a disorder that is more than just exhaustion. He claims it’s so bad that doctors have advised him to wear an oxygen mask at night.

The rigorous schedule of Capital FM’s breakfast host led him to believe he had narcolepsy, a neurological disorder that causes people to fall asleep suddenly.

Sleep apnea is a potentially deadly sleep disorder in which breathing repeatedly stops and starts.

Obstructive sleep apnoea is the most common type of sleep apnoea.

Your throat muscles relax irregularly when you sleep, obstructing your airways. Sleep apnea may necessitate surgery depending on the severity of the condition.

Roman Kemp Biography

Roman Kemp Illness

Roman Kemp is an American radio host who was born on January 28, 1993. At the age of 21, this multi-talented entertainer became the youngest host on Capital FM, receiving his debut radio show on one of the country’s most prestigious broadcasters.

In 2014, he joined Adidas’ Gamedayplus as a host. Roman Kemp’s zodiac sign is Aquarius, according to astrology.

Roman Kemp (born January 28, 1993) is a radio host and television personality who was born in both England and America.

He has been the host of Capital FM, a nationwide radio network, since 2014. Kemp placed third in the nineteenth season of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! in 2019.

He was born in Los Angeles and has dual citizenship in the United States and the United Kingdom. Shirlie Holliman and Martin Kemp are his parents, and he has a younger sister named Harley.

Kemp joined Capital FM in November 2014 to host the Sunday 6–9 shows. A year later, he was elevated to Saturday 5–8 pm and Sunday 9 pm–12 am, where he had the opportunity to interview musicians on his show.

Roman Kemp Illness

Kemp was named the new face of The Capital Evening Show in February 2016, which airs weeknights from 7–10 p.m. in addition to his Sunday show.

Kemp began hosting Capital Breakfast with Vick Hope from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. on weekdays in London and Saturdays from 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. on the Network in 2017. As a result, he dropped out of the late-night show. Sonny Jay joined Capital Breakfast as a full-time co-host in 2018.

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We Wish Him a Long and Happy Life as He Desired.

Roman Kemp is a radio host from Los Angeles, California, United States.

Roman Kemp is a radio personality from England who now hosts the Capital FM breakfast show. He claims he isn’t ready to let go of the accelerator just yet, and that he plans to continue at Capital for another five years. In 2017, he became a member of Capital Breakfast.

‘I’d like to be on the air for at least a decade,’ he continued. I’d like to be able to say I worked on that software for ten years, but I’m not sure my bosses will agree.

‘It takes two years in radio to build a relationship with an audience, therefore I’ve only been with them for two years.’

Kemp has indicated that he wishes to retire early since he despises celebrity and aims to one day establish a dog refuge.

Roman Kemp Illness

Growing up idolizing his famous parents and godfather George Michael, the Capital FM morning DJ, 29, told MailOnline that becoming a “star” didn’t appeal to him. And that he’s just working today to put money down for his future.

Roman, whose father Martin was Spandau Ballet’s guitarist, admitted in an exclusive interview that he longs for the day when he can escape ‘scary’ London. He is frightened that his entire life will be spent trying to persuade the public to accept him.

Roman is currently a National Lottery ambassador. Over the previous six months, it has provided £22 million in National Lottery money to community-led groups in the UK to help them celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee in style.

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