Rey Mysterio is the ring name of American professional wrestler scar Gutiérrez, who is presently signed to the WWE.

Over the course of his illustrious career, Rey Mysterio has become identified with the Lucha Libre wrestling style and the face and emblem of Lucha Libre.

For this reason, “The King of Lucha Libre” is a common moniker for him. He is credited for helping to establish cruiserweight wrestling in the United States by popularising the fast-paced, high-flying Lucha Libre wrestling style.

In 1989, Rey Mysterio was just 14 years old when he began his professional wrestling career.

In 1992, under the tutelage of his uncle, Rey Misterio Sr., he made his acting debut with the Mexican production Assistencia Assesora y Administración (AAA).

Before signing with WCW in 1995, he wrestled for a short time in ECW. At the end of that year, he became a WWE superstar.

Early Life

Rey Mysterio Net Worth

Luis Gutiérrez was born in Chula Vista, California, on December 11th, 1974.

Luis Gutiérrez’s uncle, Rey Mysterio, was also a professional wrestler, and he grew up in a wrestling household. Like his son and nephew, his two cousins are wrestlers.

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Height, Weight, and Body Dimensions

When Rey Mysterio was born on December 11, 1974, he was just 17 years old. However, despite his height of 5 ft 6 in (168 cm) and weight of 175 lbs (79 kg), he is quite muscular.

Rey Mysterio Net Worth and Salary:

NameOscar Guttierrez
OccupationProfessional Wrestler
Other sources of IncomeActing, Music
Net worth$10 million
ResidenceChula Vista, California
Marital StatusMarried
Last Updated2022

Rey Mysterio, a high-flying luchador, is worth $10 million. Also known as scar Gutiérrez, Mysterio is one of the most important wrestlers in history.

In the WWE, he is a member of the SmackDown roster. Mysterio began his professional wrestling career in Mexico with the Asistencia Asesora y Administracción before joining WCW in 1996.

He helped promote the “Lucha Libre” style of wrestling and the cruiserweight divisions during his stint in the United States.

Rey became a five-time WCW Cruiserweight Champion and a three-time World Tag Team Champion after signing with the WCW.

Rey Mysterio Net Worth

Mysterio joined the WWE in 2002 after a brief stint with the Congreso Mundial de Lucha Libre.

In the WWE, he was equally as successful, and he won several championships. Even though he left the WWE in 2015 to compete in Japan and Mexico, Rey Mysterio returned in 2018 to make a comeback.

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Career Opportunities

Rey Mysterio Net Worth

In 1992, Rey and Juventud Guerrera formed Asistencia Asesoria Administracion, a consulting firm.

He was a member of Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) from 1995 to 1996, which was headed by Pay Heyman.

While working as an independent promoter in 1996, he was contracted by World Championship Wrestling (WCW). After losing to Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, Rey was forced to reveal his identity for the first time.

When he signed with WrestleMania in 2002, Rey Jr. was removed from his name. Fans of Lucha Libre were outraged when Vince McMahon insisted on the return of his mask.

On March 6, 2003, he won the WWE Cruiserweight Championship by defeating Tajiri and Jamie Noble.

He lost the title against Tajiri on a SmackDown episode. Between 2005 and 2007, he engaged in multiple bouts for the World Heavyweight Championship, each time coming up short.

Since joining Lucha Underground on December 12, 2015, Rey Mysterio has remained till 2018. He returned to WWE in 2018.

Rey Mysterio Net Worth

Until May 2020, Seth Rollins and Murphy were supposed to take against Rey and Aleister Black. In October of 2020, he was brought on board by the WWE’s SmackDown brand.

Also, Rey adores movies, having starred in Ready to Rumble, a 2000 film about professional wrestling.

A single with rapper Mad One, Rey Mysterio: Behind the Mask, is the author’s debut book. Mysterio used this song as his entrance theme in September 2005. He has also experimented with computer games.

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Rey Mysterio Net Worth

Rey has won multiple championships, including the WCW Cruiserweight Championship and the WCW World Tag Team Championship.

He has won the WWE Championship once and the World Heavyweight Championship twice.

At various points in his career, he has held the titles of both cruiserweight champion and international champion.

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