“Portals to Hell” is a popular television series that explores some of the world’s most haunted locations. The show’s fourth season, which premiered in 2022, features nine episodes of spine-tingling paranormal investigations that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Portals To Hell

The series is hosted by Jack Osbourne, son of legendary rocker Ozzy Osbourne, and paranormal researcher Katrina Weidman. Together, they travel to various locations across the United States to investigate reports of hauntings and other paranormal activity.

Each episode is packed with suspense, as the hosts explore dark and eerie locations, speak with witnesses, and use advanced technology to capture evidence of the supernatural.

Portals To Hell Season 4

One of the standout episodes from the fourth season of “Portals to Hell” takes place at the historic Vulture Mine in Arizona. The mine, which was operational in the late 1800s, is said to be haunted by the ghosts of miners who lost their lives in dangerous work conditions.

Osbourne and Weidman investigate the mine and capture some truly frightening footage, including unexplained voices and shadows. The episode also features a fascinating look at the history of the mine and the people who lived and worked there.

Another episode from the season that stands out is the investigation of the Sheboygan County Asylum in Wisconsin. The asylum, which operated from the late 1800s to the 1960s, is said to be one of the most haunted locations in the state. Osbourne and Weidman explore the decaying remains of the asylum and encounter numerous paranormal phenomena, including mysterious voices, objects moving on their own, and an unsettling feeling of being watched.

Portals To Hell: Infamous Bell Witch Cave In Tennessee

In another episode, the hosts investigate the infamous Bell Witch Cave in Tennessee. The Bell Witch legend is one of the most well-known in American folklore, and the cave is said to be the site of some of the most intense supernatural activities associated with the story. Osbourne and Weidman spend the night in the cave and experience some truly chilling encounters, including the sound of ghostly laughter and unexplained movements in the darkness.

Throughout the season, Osbourne and Weidman also investigate other fascinating locations, including the infamous Black Dahlia murder house in Los Angeles, the historic Lemp Mansion in St. Louis, and the Old Joliet Prison in Illinois. Each episode is a thrilling journey into the unknown, as the hosts explore the history and legends of each location and attempt to capture evidence of the supernatural.

Portals To Hell

The Season 4 of “Portals to Hell” has a total of 13 episodes and people really loved all the thrilling yet exciting episodes. The host of the show also did a really great work in creating such a serious and chilling atmosphere where the viewers were just waiting to witness what will happen next. And all in all the show is a great initiative by the makers to create something which is totally based on true and real incidents.


The fourth season of “Portals to Hell” is a must-see for fans of the paranormal. The show’s combination of historical research, advanced technology, and spine-tingling suspense make it one of the most exciting paranormal investigations shows on television today. Whether you’re a skeptic or a believer, “Portals to Hell” will leave you questioning what’s really out there in the dark.

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