Paul Banchero will be in Orlando soon!

In the 2022 NBA Draft, the Orlando Magic selected Duke University’s six-foot-ten-inch collegiate basketball standout as the first overall choice, according to ESPN.

In the weeks preceding up to this year’s NBA draught, Auburn forward Jabari Smith Jr. was predicted to be the first choice, according to the media outlet.

A question regarding whether Banchero had “found the words” to communicate his sentiments about the major news was asked of him on Good Morning America on Friday.

Asked by GMA’s T.J. Holmes, “I’ve absolutely been able to settle down and get my emotions in order,” he said.

That’s how it felt to him: “I was swamped with emotions—my first time ever,” he recalled Friday morning in the studio. “Tearing up and…you know…tears of joy.”

Paul Banchero Selected First Overall In The NBA Draft By The Orlando Magic

However, Banchero stated that he was informed of the choices around 20-30 seconds before the formal announcement.

When questioned about his parent’s reaction to the news, Banchero revealed that they conveyed their pride in their son by waving from outside the Times Square studio.

In addition to expressing their pride, they also expressed their excitement that he would be beginning his career in Orlando, he said. “My family and I are overjoyed.”

His outfit of choice for that night was likewise a topic of conversation. The athlete was decked up in a vivid purple two-button suit and glistening silver shoes.

Everyone knows I didn’t go to the University of Washington, but I selected purple since both of my parents went there. Everyone knows I didn’t go there, you know,” he remarked (the school colors are purple and gold).

As Banchero put it, “It was just my way of showing my respects, a little bit of an apology.”

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