Gloria Steinem and Meghan Markle offered their opinions on the verdict for Vogue two days after the Supreme Court reversed Roe v. Wade.

The two friends, who have been working closely together to support the Equal Rights Amendment, had a conversation facilitated by journalist Jessica Yellin about their own reproductive decisions and the future of abortion rights.

It’s intriguing that you are speaking to two ladies here, one of whom chose to give birth joyfully and the other of whom opted not to. And because we had the freedom to make our own decisions, we are both doing well. Amazing,” Markle exclaimed.

The mother of two talked about how grateful she felt to have both of her kids and how she wanted to normalize discussions about women’s health by sharing her own story of miscarriage.

meghan markle abortion rights quotes

She stated, “I understand what it’s like to be connected to what is growing inside of your body. Despite the fact that so many of us experience personal health crises, “what occurs with our bodies is so intensely personal, which can also lead to silence and stigma.

More individuals will see the importance of having safeguards in place as we normalize conversations about issues that touch our lives and bodies.

In an interview about her abortion, Steinem revealed that she found a doctor who would refer her to a female doctor provided she made two promises: “one, that I would never tell anyone his name and two, that I would do what I wish to do with my life.” I honored my pledge, she proclaimed.

meghan markle abortion rights quotes

I would have been left there without him. I had a fellowship in India, so I was waiting for my visa while working as a waitress in London. I couldn’t have accomplished that. There, my life would have ended.

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Markle urged males to speak up more, and she disclosed that she and Prince Harry had discussed these effects extensively over the previous several days. She added, “He’s a feminist too. His response last week was guttural, like mine.

Even though it’s acceptable to feel helpless and depressed, Steinem and Markle both stressed the significance of banding together and taking action now, before more of our rights are lost in the future.

In addition to casting a ballot in the primaries this November, Gloria Steinem urged people to get involved in politics if they reside in a state that opposes abortion or to defend and support current clinics if they do.

But we may make it known from everywhere that the right to an unrestricted sexual life is just as important as the right to free speech.

meghan markle abortion rights quotes

The Equal Rights Amendment, which would ensure legal gender equality, was also emphasized by both ladies. According to Steinem, “We are the only democracy in the world whose constitution excludes women.”

As Meghan Markle stated, “If you are someone who honestly believes that there can be something better if you are someone who sees injustice, you have a choice: You can sit there and be complacent and watch it, or you can say, “What can I do to get us to the other side of this?”… Starting with hope is what we need to do right now.

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