Tom Holland’s return to Spider-Man is not far away. In fact, according to recent speculations and reports, Spider-Man 4 may be included in the MCU’s action-packed and incredibly exciting Phase 5.

When we last left up with Holland’s version of Peter Parker in No Way Home, he had made a significant sacrifice that brought to a close a wonderful character arc and marked the beginning of what has been regarded as fairly classic and definitive of what it is to be Spider-Man.

While it is unclear what the future holds for our amiable local hero, we can only presume that he will continue with his street-level responsibilities before moving up to a more important role, maybe alongside some of the greatest heroes in the world. A small nasty surprise was also introduced to us in the 2021 movie’s mid-credits scene.

It would be intriguing to watch how Tom Holland’s Spider-Man handles the situation if there was any Venom symbiote still on the loose.

For the time being, we consider the ramifications of Marvel Studios considering a release date for Spider-Man 4, which would imply that they already have a tale in mind — one in which Peter might even cross paths with the Fantastic Four.

The Release Date for Spider-Man 4 Is 2024 (Rumored)

A tweet from @MCU Direct, which revealed that Spider-Man 4 is rumored to be seeking a July 12, 2024, theatrical launch, went viral yesterday on Twitter.

If accurate, Spider-Man 4 would join Captain America: New World Order, Thunderbolts, Fantastic Four, and the recently unveiled Deadpool 3 in 2024’s jam-packed Phase 5 schedule for Marvel.

Here is a list of all the movies and TV shows currently scheduled for release in the MCU in 2024:

  • Daredevil: Born Again – Spring 2024 
  • Captain America: New World Order – May 3, 2024 
  • Spider-Man 4 – July 12, 2024
  • Thunderbolts – July 26, 2024
  • Deadpool 3 – September 6, 2024
  • Fantastic Four – November 8, 2024
  • Spider-Man: Freshman Year – 2024
  • Marvel Zombies – 2024

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Does Spider-Man 4’s Release Affect the Schedule for Phase 5?

Marvel Studios and Sony Are Looking for Spider-Man 4 Release in July 2024 (Rumor)

This report suggests that Spider-Man 4 will be released 12 days after Thunderbolts. There is reason to believe that Marvel Studios and Sony Pictures will find a way to accommodate the two projects, even though it is unknown if one of the aforementioned films will be moved.

In fact, Spider-Man: No Way Home dealt with a predicament very similar to this one previously. The threequel’s original release date was July 16, 2021; afterward, it was changed to November 5, 2021, which also happened to be the same day as the publication of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

This resulted in the Doctor Strange 2 release date being changed to March 25, 2022, and the Thor: Love and Thunder release date being changed from February 18 to February 11, 2022.

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Given that Spider-Man movies frequently have a July debut, it’s possible that Thunderbolts, a film that is being billed as the conclusion of Phase 5, maybe the first to relocate (Far from Home was released on July 2, 2019).

This action has a good probability of setting off a chain reaction that drastically changes the MCU’s Phases 5 and 6, delaying the eventual resolution of the Multiverse Saga in the following two Avengers films.

In any event, this update is encouraging since Tom Holland’s web-slinger still has a lot of things to tell.

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