Fans are both intrigued and perplexed by Jack Donoghue and Lana Del Rey’s new relationship, which has captivated the attention of the Internet. The couple’s style has been called “Lana Del Redneck” and he has been called “trailer park hot.”

They’ve spent the summer together partying and visiting inmates.

According to someone who knows them well, “they’re like this unexpected power couple of dark, twisted Americana.”

But Donoghue has also built a career for himself and dated other well-known musicians.

Who is Jack Donoghue?

Jack Donoghue is 33 years old and was born in Chicago on May 19, 1989.

He and his family had a long history in the Midwest. He and Lana were spotted taking a picture in front of the Cook County Jail, where he went to see his uncle.

The name Jack may not ring any bells, yet he is a well-respected musician and artist. Jack is a witch house and electronic rock musician for the band Salem, and he hails from Traverse City, Michigan.

He has also collaborated with Kanye West, Trinidad James, and Yung Lean to produce music for other artists. Jack had been with actress Julia Fox before he met Lana.

He Is “Romantic”

Friends of Donoghue’s reveal that underneath his wild exterior, he is a true “romantic.”

A close friend of Jack’s recently told the Daily Mail, “You might not believe this, but Jack is really romantic.” While she was out of the house for a few days, he cranked up the volume on Lana’s music and made sure the sound system was up to snuff because he is so head over heels for her.

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