The Kardashians are known for their extravagant celebrations of birthdays, but Kim Kardashian went above and above this year. When it came time to celebrate North West’s 9th birthday, the mother of four put up a full camp in her daughter’s honor. The scouts of “Camp North” were whisked away on a private aircraft, equipped with giant balloons and ominous “Camp North” placards, and taken on a variety of adventures, including zip line and archery.

kim kardashian north west ninth birthday party

The 9-year-old herself conducted a few horror movie makeup activities as part of the camping theme, and the decor was drenched in fake blood. When asked about the idea for this year’s birthday theme, Kardashian revealed on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” that “[North] makes pretty excellent wounds and scars, she’s really fantastic at it.” “She wanted to throw a macabre birthday party because she was attending lessons. So I decided to take them camping in the wilds.”

In contrast to typical camping vacations, West’s included intense river rafting and bespoke Skims pajamas. Despite the elaborate decor, guests at Camp North (including Jessica Simpson’s kid Maxwell) slept in mattresses adorned with plush deer heads and artificial blood splatters, ensuring that the spooky atmosphere persisted.

Kourtney Kardashian posted photographs of her archery bow and a series of card games by the fireplace, proving that even grownups can have a good time. Ayesha Curry said it was “wonderful,” and Sarah Howard, Chief Content Officer at Poosh, said, “I want to go camping north!” to sign up for the experience.

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