kim kardashian skim designs slammed by fans details

Skims, Kim Kardashian’s loungewear, shapewear, and underwear company, is a household name throughout the world! That being said, it took a few years for the former KUWTK star to reach the amount of fame she enjoys now.

In truth, the company’s problems began as soon as it was founded in 2019. A play on her name, Kimono, also depicts a traditional Japanese kimono, which she used as the inspiration for the original name of her shapewear company.

Soon after the name was announced, many people objected, claiming it was culturally insensitive.

“We wear kimonos to celebrate good health, the growth of children, engagements, marriages, and graduations, as well as at funerals,” said one Japanese woman on the custom.

According to Japanese woman Yuka Ohishi, “it’s a celebratory dress and has been passed down in families through the decades.”

It doesn’t even resemble a Kimono—she just chose a term that has Kim in it—no there’s respect to what the garment actually represents in our culture with this shapewear.

Kim Kardashian changed the name in reaction to the backlash.

The Kardashians star announced in August 2019 that Skims would be the name of her brand.

kim kardashian skim designs slammed by fans details

Before explaining why she chose the name Skims, Kim wrote on Instagram: “My fans and following are a tremendous inspiration to me—I’m always listening to their thoughts and opinions and am so grateful they gave their ideas for a new company name.”

That the garments will be so near to someone’s skin, with soft and supportive fabrics that highlight the best elements of our bodies, fascinates me.

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