All you need to know about Jonnie Irwin’s illness.

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Jonnie Irwin is a British television personality and property expert known for his work on various real estate shows, including “A Place in the Sun” and “Escape to the Country”. However, in recent years, Irwin has faced health issues that have forced him to stand aside from his hectic television career. In this article, we take a glance at Jonnie Irwin’s illness and the way it has affected his life and career.

Early Life and Career

Jonnie Irwin was born on August 18, 1973, in Preston, England, to a family with a background in real estate development. As a teenager, he began working in the real estate industry for his father’s construction firm.

Irwin began transitioning into television presenting in the early 2000s, beginning with minor roles on local Television shows in the North West of England. As a presenter on the UK property show “Dream Lives for Sale” in 2004, he managed to land his first major television role.

Career in Television

Jonnie Irwin has become a familiar face on British television over the years, particularly in the property genre. He has worked on a variety of acclaimed property shows, which include “A Place in the Sun”, “Escape to the Country”, and “To Buy or Not to Buy”.

Irwin is well-known for his approachable and personable presentation style, in addition to his extensive knowledge of the real estate market. He has also participated in a number of other television projects, including hosting the BBC’s media attention of the Chelsea Flower Show.

Jonnie Irwin's transformation after his cancer diagnosis.
Jonnie Irwin’s transformation after his cancer diagnosis.

Illness and Health Issues

Jonnie Irwin, the host of ‘A Place in the Sun,’ has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. He first revealed his cancer diagnosis in December 2022, stating that he was diagnosed in 2020 and doctors gave him only “months” to live. The cancer is said to be terminal lung cancer, and it was discovered on November 13, 2022. His ability to work has been hampered by his serious health condition.

Irwin had been suffering from a variety of symptoms when he was diagnosed. He dismissed the symptoms at first as a result of his hectic work schedule and lack of sleep.

Irwin stepped away from his television shows following his diagnosis to focus on his health. To manage his condition, he has gone through a variety of medical treatments and procedures, which include regular chemotherapy sessions.

Impact on Career

Jonnie Irwin’s illness has had a major impact on his television career, attempting to force him to take a break from his hectic schedule. He is no longer able to take on as many presenting roles in the past as he did, which has caused him to miss some of his regular appearances on “A Place in the Sun” and “Escape to the Country”.

Despite these obstacles, Irwin has kept pushing himself wherever he can and has remained optimistic regarding his future in television. He has also become an advocate for increased vasculitis awareness, as well as talking publicly about his personal experiences with the condition.

Jonnie Irwin with his family.
Jonnie Irwin with his family.

Perspectives for the Future

Despite his illness’s challenges, Jonnie Irwin has worked on a variety of television initiatives over the past few years. He has worked on meetings and conferences and other live personal appearances as well as taking on minor roles on various shows.

Looking ahead, Irwin remains upbeat about his prospects in the television industry and is determined to stay in the property genre he enjoys. He has also stated a desire to use his platform to raise awareness of cancer and other illnesses, as well as to support others who are afflicted with these diseases.


Jonnie Irwin is a well-known and respected television presenter and property expert who has recently faced serious health issues. His terminal lung cancer has forced him to take a break from his hectic television career, but he remains hopeful. Jonnie is trying to stay positive and make the most out of his time despite not knowing how much time he has left.

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