The People’s Court was the most widely watched court program of 1980s. Other courtroom dramas gained popularity in succeeding decades, notably Hot Bench, Judge Judy, and Judy Justice, its successor series with some new cast and staff members.

Of course, Judge Joe Brown, a courtroom drama, was also well-liked for about fifteen years. However, since that series ended, its main star has experienced some difficult times, including a period spent in jail.

Why Joe Got Into Trouble

Joe Brown was already living a very extraordinary life before he rose to fame as a television personality. Many people are unaware of the fact that before he had a TV show, Brown was an actual attorney and judge in a criminal court.

Joe Brown

In actuality, Brown was removed from a case involving the murder of Martin Luther King Jr. that he was sitting on as a judge before landing his TV job. Judge Judy’s producers were drawn to Brown’s attitude after he appeared in multiple interviews to explain himself following his removal from the case due to charges of bias.

As they say, the rest is history. Brown almost certainly never anticipated receiving a prison sentence given his background in law.

Judge Joe Brown’s titular star has mainly avoided the spotlight in the years since the final episode of the show debuted in 2013. There have, however, been exceptions to it, such as the 2014 arrest of Brown.

In a funny turn of events, Brown was charged with a crime following proceedings that took place in a real courtroom.

Joe Brown

In 2014, Joe Brown made an effort to assist a lady who was being prosecuted for accusations connected to a child support issue. According to what Brown subsequently told ABC News, the judge who ruled over her cases appeared to have a problem with him representing himself in court.

¬†“When I insisted that the woman’s charges be dismissed. He started talking about, I’m not an attorney so-and-so. … I said, ‘You know, it’s wrong. … You’re better than this.'”

His Experience in Jail and After That

If Joe Brown’s account of what happened is accurate, he doesn’t appear to have done anything particularly heinous. But if at all possible, one should refrain from challenging a judge in court; what happened to Brown afterward is a prime illustration of why. In the end, Brown was imprisoned for five days for being in contempt of court.

Joe Brown talked to People magazine about his time in jail after being released from prison. Unsurprisingly, Brown provided a pretty depressing image of life in prison before discussing how to get out.

Brown said, “Jail’s jail,” after comparing being incarcerated to “being in slave quarters. It’s dull and filthy. But I made it through. I’m breathing unrestricted air.”

Judge Joe Brown

Given that Joe Brown spent five days in jail when his program was canceled, it could be simple for some people to believe his life is difficult off camera. But Brown has a track record of succeeding in life, so that most definitely isn’t the case.

For instance, the judge who presided over the case sided with Brown when he was accused of fraud and slander by a guest on his show in 2010 and sued for it.

In addition to winning the slander lawsuit that was brought against him, Joe Brown also had some success in politics. After the television series Judge Joe Brown came to an end, its star began a career in politics.

Brown had the credentials to run for district attorney given that he is an admitted attorney. After putting his name in the hat, Brown ended up winning the Democratic primary, which is an absolutely amazing accomplishment.

However, Brown lost the general election as a result of his extremely contentious remarks regarding the sexual orientation of his Republican rival district attorney Amy Weirich.


Following his exit from his TV show, Joe Brown has had a series of public outbursts. He was sentenced to 5 days jail due to the same.

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