Kim Mulkey is the powerful female coach of the LSU women’s basketball team. She has coached several teams over the years and is also a Hall of Famer.

The star coach currently coaches the LSU team, before which she was working at Baylor University and coaching for the Bears. She has coached at Baylor for over 22 years.

Hence, when Baylor University was in a scandal for countless sexual assault cases, she defended the institution from the people who were disrespecting the school. However, taking the stand did land her in hot waters.

The Baylor University Scandal and Kim’s Defending Statement

The Baylor scandal began in 2015 when several football players were accused of sexual assault. Two people were indicted, and two more were found guilty of the crime. At least 19 athletes, and possibly as many as 31, have been charged with sexual assault and gang rape between 2011 and 2015.

Coach Mulkey

Inquiries conducted independently by a law firm revealed “institutional failure at every level,” with some senior university administrators failing to disclose instances and others attempting to dissuade complainants from filing them.

If somebody’s around you and they ever say, ‘I will never send my daughter to Baylor,’ you knock them right in the face,” Mulkey stated on the center court following the Bears’ 500th victory under her leadership.

Because these kids are on this campus. I work here,” she said. “My daughter went to school here, and it’s the best damn school in America.”

I’m tired of people talking on it on a national scale that don’t know what they’re talking about,” Mulkey said in a post-game press conference after her initial remarks. “If they didn’t sit in those meetings and they weren’t a part of the investigation, you’re repeating things that you heard. It’s over. It’s done.”

“This is a great institution,” she continued. “The problems that we have at Baylor are no different than the problems at any other school in America. Period. Move on. Find another story to write.”

Kim Mulkey Apologizes for Her Offensive Remark

Despite Kim boldly standing up for Baylor University, she took her words back and apologized to them the very next day.

Kim Mulkey

“I hate that I used the remark about punching them in the face,” Mulkey told ESPN. “That was not literal. I was trying to make a point, to be firm in what you are saying back at them. I’m not a violent person. I apologize for the very poor choice of words.

Mulkey said she hadn’t thought about it before she spoke. Her larger point, she said, was that Baylor shouldn’t be “painted with a broad brush.”

Not only do I sympathize with victims,” she said. “I am angry about the way victims were treated at this university. It is horrible, horrible anytime someone does not take care of a victim. Even one sexual assault is too many. Nobody is dismissing what happened here. I want us to get to the bottom of it.”

Mulkey and Her Exit From Baylor

In order to move past its own Title IX scandal, LSU hired Mulkey.

She had resigned from Baylor amidst all the scandal.

LSU recently ended an 80-year partnership with the legal company Taylor Porter. Verge Ausberry, Executive Deputy AD, has lately been prohibited by the school from going to football games in 2021.

The institution also declared that it was severing ties with Derrius Guice and expunging all of his stats and records from its records.

Due to the ongoing $50 million lawsuit filed by athletic director Sharon Lewis against the university, university counsel is forbidding all employees from giving testimony or making public statements about the incident.

Lewis told USA Today that numerous powerful university administrators harassed her, treated her unfairly because of her ethnicity and sex, underpaid her, and retaliated against her when she tried to complain about LSU’s Title IX policies.

Kim Mulkey

Mulkey was born in the Louisiana town of Tickfaw. Her teams participated in 11 Final Fours and won three national championships while she was a player and coach at Louisiana Tech. In her 20 years as Baylor’s head coach, she led the Bears to three national championships.

Mulkey’s $2.27 million annual pay at Baylor has likely increased with her new position. Nikki Fargas, who was her predecessor and quit to pursue other chances, made $700,000. The men’s basketball coach, Will Wade, earns $2.5 million a year.

Kim Mulkey is a champion and a Hall of Famer, and we are thrilled to welcome her home,” LSU AD Scott Woodward said in a statement.

Her accomplishments are unprecedented, her passion is unrivaled, and her commitment to winning in all aspects of life – in the classroom, on the court, and in the community – is unparalleled. We look forward to working with her as she instills that championship culture at LSU.


The LSU basketball coach Kim Mulkey had found herself in hot waters when she’d defended Baylor, where she worked while defending them, against people who were diminishing its prestige.

Baylor University was in a scandalous situation with several sexual assault and rape cases emerging. Her statement in which she tried to shut people up for not wanting to send their daughters to Baylor was a controversial one.

However, she apologized and took it back the very next day.

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